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Egyptian film “From Cairo to Paris” written by Haifa Wehbe before the public prosecutor


Again, crises haunt the arrival of the Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wahbi As for Egyptian cinema, after he indefinitely postponed the screening of his film “Ghosts of Europe”, despite the fact that filming ended two years ago, he is facing another crisis that has reached the Egyptian Attorney General.

The details, explained by the producer’s lawyer in a media statement, are due to the fact that he filed a complaint with the Attorney General, Hamada El-Zawi, against the director, Ahmed Khaled Moussa, on charges of breach of trust; “From Cairo to Paris” Haifa Wehbe.

The lawyer said that Dana Production and Art Distribution Company entered into an agreement with the defendant company on March 23, 2020 to direct a film tentatively titled “From Cairo to Paris”. One and a half million pounds. A corporate receipt stating that the amount has been received.

The crime of breach of trust is defined as one of the crimes of assault on movable property and the appropriation by the offender of movable money belonging to others under one of the contracts mentioned in the text, by treachery to the victim. The lawyer demanded immediate criminal investigation of the director on charges of misappropriation of the money by entrusting it to a criminal who entrusted the money as a deposit, breach of trust and seized it with the intention of owning it. sum.

This is not the first time to face the crisis work, Ahmed Fouad Nessim, an Egyptian producer with French citizenship, had previously sent a communication to the Attorney General. Company and he will get the expenses along with the expected profit from the film.

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In fact, he agreed, prepared and secured filming locations, provided them with supporting roles for the actors, the labor required for set-up, lighting and photography, as well as obtaining the necessary technical and safety licenses to complete all exterior scenes. Franz was surprised that they received the footage without his knowledge, and then returned to Egypt without paying the remaining amount.

And he started contacting them to get his dues, but they refused, and their only answer was that they had no financing at their disposal, and that they went to France and photographed with their own money.

The French producer demanded that the defendants be brought to trial on charges of defrauding him of 261,000 euros equivalent to 5 million and 136 thousand pounds.

“From Cairo to Paris” is a film directed by Ahmed Khaled Musa, starring Haifa Wehbe, Mahmoud Hafiz, Mustafa Kadar, Hamdi Al-Mirkhani, Muhammad Darwat, Muhammad Salam, and written by Karim Hasan Basheer.

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