March 21, 2023

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Health warns against glutathione injection to lighten skin

The Ministry of Health and Social Security has warned against the use of glutathione in the treatment of skin diseases by intravenous or subcutaneous injection in Dubai, citing a health clinic that provides glutathione injection skin whitening services to all health facilities and health practitioners in the private sector in Dubai. .

The ministry explained that there were no clinical trials and studies approved by international medical authorities to prove the use of glutathione injections to whiten skin, and that there was no approved evidence of appropriate dosage and duration of treatment, and that the US Food and Drug Administration did not approve the use of glutathione to whiten skin.

The ministry pointed out that the side effects of using needles for skin lightening purposes are numerous, including the possibility of spreading toxic effects and infections such as liver, kidney, nervous system and Stevens-Johnson syndrome. HIV and hepatitis C can be transmitted if the needles are contaminated.

The infusion is unsafe and ineffective, and may contain unknown and harmful substances, and the safety and security of this drug is not guaranteed because it contains additional ingredients in the formula, noting that the needles are not registered in the Ministry of Health, and are often brought or requested from e sites.


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