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Emergency in Italy.. Demon of Climate Change Affects “Green” Europe


and face Italy An unusual early heat wave and lack of rain, especially in the agricultural “Po Valley” in the north of the country, which is subject to the worst drought in 70 years..

In this case, Italy has announced Emergency case In 5 regions in the north of the country, it has approved emergency funds to deal with the aftermath Dry writingIt has swept the Po Valley in recent weeks, and it’s only getting worse.

To talk about what is happening in Italy as an example of the expansion of drought, water scarcity and global warming around the world, Ayman Kaduri, an environmental and climate expert and member of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, says: “The north-east of Italy is one of the rainiest areas on the European continent, where the river basin is located. .

He continues to explain: “The first has a typical mountainous climate, which is represented in the far east of the basin near the Alps in Central Europe, and is characterized by low precipitation in winter, reaching its maximum in summer. The second is a continental climate, with a low rate of precipitation in winter, reaching high rates in the season.

The environmentalist adds: “As soon as we look at the supplies that supply water to the Po River, it immediately comes to mind that it seems impossible to dry up, but with all the peculiarities of the location of the river basin, it is not enough. Effects of global warming on the Po River Basin.”

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In this context, it becomes clear Go easy It has suffered from more than 110 days of rainlessness, which has led to the collapse of the river’s ecosystem, which depends on rainfall for 80 percent of its water.“.

Kaddouri describes the introduction and results of the unprecedented drought in Italy: “This is due to the rapid increase in temperature associated with the lack of snow cover in the Alps due to the lack of snowfall last winter.”

He continues: “The failure to follow the policy of protecting this waterway throughout history in Italy has made the situation more tragic, rather than the most famous Italian civil conflicts over how to exploit the waters of the country’s longest rivers for the benefit of one group at the expense of the other, which prompted the direction of digging many waterways to the cities. In particular, gun .

Also, “85% of its water was used for agricultural purposes and for watering livestock, which caused excessive use of livestock manure on river-irrigated farmlands, increasing nitrogen concentrations to dangerous levels and leading to the return of this water to the mainstream after increasing its potential for pollution.”“.

Khathuri continues to warn: “These days we see the city’s water channels running dry. Venice It has always been a magnet for tourism in Italy and the European continent in general. With these data translated into a sad reality experienced by bodies and waterways around the world, it is imperative that the entire world is aware of the danger of climate change killing humanity if this matter is not addressed. Drawing a real and urgent road map wants to prevent it from reaching a point of no return.“.

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The Italian government said in a statement that it has approved a state of emergency in five regions: Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto until December 31..

It also said it had decided to allocate 36.5 million euros ($39.5 million) to help the affected population..

The emergency law allows “exceptional powers” to ensure public safety and compensate for losses, while trying to ensure normal living conditions for people in the area..

According to the agricultural association, the largest in the country, Coldretti, the drought threatens more than 30 percent of national agricultural production, and half of the production of livestock farms in Wadi Po..

Both lakes were damaged Magi And thisGarda Water levels are lower than usual at this time, and the level of the Tiber River, which runs through the capital Rome, has also fallen to the south..

The Po River is the largest reservoir in the peninsula and is used by most farmers. Recently, several municipalities have imposed restrictions on water use, with Verona, a city of a quarter of a million people, justifying its use of drinking water, while Milan, in the north of the country, announced a shutdown. Its decorated fountains..

The danger, according to experts, is now threatening agricultural crops and electricity generation capacity, due to the flooding of the country’s longest river, the Bovine.

According to the “Bloomberg” website, most of Europe has experienced drier than normal conditions this year, but the Po River in northern Italy has been the most affected, according to the Global Drought Monitor “GRC”.“.

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Due to dwindling water resources, Italian hydroelectric reservoirs recorded unprecedented low levels, reducing hydropower generation that normally supplies 15 percent of needs. Italy 50 percent more electricity than last year till the middle of this year.

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