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Heba Hussain and Al-Anood Saud in the light social comedy “Cloud Kitchen” in “Shahid”.


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Elaf: Two young women living in the same neighborhood, the rivalry turns them into two enemies controlled by feelings of jealousy, and they protect each other, so each of them seeks superiority over the other, at any cost, to prove his superiority in the events of the sitcom “Cloud Kitchen”, one of Shahid’s original creations, which given to a witness.

The work presents the story of two childhood friends, Sahab (Heba Hussain) and Abeer (Al-Anood Saud), who have lived in the same neighborhood with their families since birth. They belong to productive families in society. Both young women enjoy. True rivalry in all its forms as they become partners in Sahab and Abeer’s kitchen.
In addition to Heba Hussain and Al-Anoud Saud, the cast includes Saeed Saleh, Ghazlan, Noor Hussain, Ziyad Al-Omari, Captain Rima, Abdul-Malik Al-Musail, Badr Mohsen, and Muhannad Al-Saleh. , Abdul-Hadi Al-Shadri, Maryam Abdel-Rahman, Hana Al-Somali, Rawan Al-Khalid. , Abeer Abdullah, Laura Malik, Nada Hakim and Bassam Al-Ozaimi, written by Al-Thumama Workshop. By Farooq Al-Shu’ibi and Muhammad Al-Umar, and directed by Ahmad Imad.

Heba Hussain: Sahab is a quiet and nervous woman who combines contradictions
Heba Hussain notes that she loved and connected with the text, “I was delighted by director Ahmed Emat’s comment that only I could portray Sahab’s character with all its contradictions.” She explains, “The character is calm, kind and affectionate. She integrates a series of contradictions and changes throughout the events. She is a little nervous, but after a few minutes of her nervousness she smiles. She is natural like me. Genuine,” preparing for the character based on appearance and the way she interacts with others. Explaining, “We wanted her to be a girl.” “The shade is light, so we adopted a short hairstyle and a youthful, energetic look.”

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“The work environment depends on humor, not funny stories,” points out Heba. “He praises the role of the writers Muhammad al-Omar and Tariq al-Shu’ibi and their flexibility in shaping the characters of the work, especially the character of the Sahab, as well as the decorative team and offices that designed the actual decorations. and resembles it with dispersion.”

In this context, he appreciates the harmony between him and Al-Anood Saud, his dedication to the work and his diligent cooperation, and as a result, this was not our first meeting, but it ended in a worthy manner. This is the first joint competition between us where we meet across events where our personalities mesh to this extent.”

Al-Anoud Saud: Abeer is a confident, calm and unhurried person.
Al-Anoud Saud expresses his happiness at the “opportunities” he has received from MBC and Shahid, “works that give me more space in the series”. He explains, “Abeer and Sahab are friends since childhood. They grew up together and have many things in common besides friendship and camaraderie. Each of them started competing to be better than the other, until they decided to establish a joint kitchen project. Here the competition grows and the challenges increase. .”
Al-Anood praises the “dazzling decorations and colors that suit our characters and match Sahab and Abeer’s characters”. She doesn’t consider that what is between them has turned into hatred beyond competition, as there is affection between them despite their differences, and it is a competition that is sometimes represented as clever and sometimes as foolish, and each one’s goal is to win more.” She describes Abeer as a confident, calm and unhurried person, who likes her He will not be silent about what he considers to be a right.” Al-Anoud Saud “stops the new message that the work carries, which is the producer’s idea. A family that we have never seen before on screen in a play, especially a light social comedy.” His heroines are young women.”
Wahba and I participated in “Studio 22” together, but we got to know each other more here and I discovered the human side of his personality and his acting skills in improvising some scenes.

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