June 3, 2023

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عمرو دياب وحلمي بكر وهاني شاكر

Helmi Bakr: If Honey Shaker had the intelligence of Amr Diab, he would have revolutionized the world (video) | News

Musician Helmi Bakr talked about artist Amr Thiab and artist Honey Shaker, each of whom expressed his opinion.

Helmi Baker also said that Amr Tiab was one of the smartest artists he met on the show “Ness El Kalam” with Rakta Shalhoob on the “Al-Nahar” channel. ”He continued, Abdul Halim has been dead in his grocery store for 40 years and his work continues.

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I did not want the singer to be alive, but he was technically dead, he was not in the singing scene and did not deliver the songs, and he sent some messages to many singers including Ali al-Hajjar. , Mehta Saleh and Muhammad al-Hello, and said that they had been wronged by the spread of the festivals and that some of them could not continue.

During the show, Helmi Bakr sent a letter to Honey Shaker asking him to be open and courageous in making his decisions.

Helmi Bucker, who said that Honey Shaker is a great singer, however, is afraid that the audience will say that he is less civilized, and as his openness says about him, Why not tell the world. “

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