April 2, 2023

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Emirates News Agency - Various films and workshops at the "Sharjah Film Festival for Children and Youth"

Emirates News Agency – Various films and workshops at the “Sharjah Film Festival for Children and Youth”

Sharjah, Sharjah International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which will run until October 11 / WAM / October 15, will feature a series of schools touring across the Emirates, showing short films, animated films and films opening the way for audiences from various countries

Organized by the Fun Foundation for the Promotion and Support of Media Art for Kids and Youth, the festival kicked off with five animated films on the first day of its first round. Tomorrow, imaginative film screenings for children and young film enthusiasts, 27 films will be shown on the 3D stage.

The festival was opened to its audience to learn about the techniques and skills of creating graphic content in simple and creative ways. On its second day, it was held “at a distance”, which brought together children, adolescents and young people in a series of workshops on the basics of script writing and how to turn private stories into a documentary using a smart hanger.

The workshop, entitled “My Story on the Small Screen”, presented by the Emirates Foundation for School Education, provided the opportunity for rapid technological advances to document each person’s story in audio and video, depending on the smartphone device. Stories take place in place of grandparents ’stories, called by parents in the past.

Aiming to train participants to document beautiful moments at school or with family and friends by introducing a simple document script writing mechanism for this purpose.

During the festival, the Emirates Foundation for School Education organizes a series of training workshops, including “My Phone My Story”, Direct between Creativity and Leadership, “Film Making – The Art of Act” and “How to Write an Interesting Text”. .

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In a workshop on “Scripting” hosted by the Omani Society for Cinema and Theater, Coach Mohammed Al Gindi explained that script writing requires a specific idea or story that has a positive impact on the community, which requires the writer to be familiar with all the events and developments around him in various economic, political and social fields. The target group can choose the appropriate idea, emphasizing the writer’s skillful ideas, the importance of the hunter and turning them into written words.

According to the “Make Your 3D World” workshop presented by 3D design expert Thomas Gucera at Pixomondo, it covered how to create an animated film using the “Maya 2020” project for simulation of 3D graphics and movies and electronic games. Industry

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