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ثلاث طرق لخفض مستويات الكوليسترول بسرعة

Here are three ways to lower cholesterol levels quickly

High cholesterol usually does not cause obvious symptoms, and if the levels are not too high, a blood test is needed to determine if you are at risk for a number of health problems.

In most cases, patients are aware of their “total” cholesterol level.

Total cholesterol takes into account the level of “bad” and “good” cholesterol in the blood. The health score should show a total cholesterol level of five or less.

If not, now is the time to make some lifestyle changes that will help you reduce your fat levels.

Dr. Susan Steinbaum, a cardiologist, laughs that it helps to increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

Good cholesterol helps to capture the bad cholesterol in the blood and carry it to the liver.

It can be as simple as putting on a fun movie, watching funny videos online or laughing with your loved one.

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Moving is another effective way to help lower your cholesterol levels quickly.

Dr. Sarah Seman, another cardiologist, said that exercise raises HDL (“good cholesterol”) and LDL “bad cholesterol”.

The more exercise you do a day, the faster your cholesterol level will drop and thus your health will improve.

Another tip is to add spices to your diet, especially black pepper, coriander and ginger.

Other spices recommended by WebMD can help lower cholesterol levels:





“Research shows that eating half to one clove of garlic every day can lower cholesterol by up to nine percent,” WebMD reported.

Steenbaum said adding some spices to your diet is a great way to reduce appetite.

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Source: Express