June 7, 2023

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Leonids meteorite..A wonderful event that adorns the sky at this time

Leonids meteorite..A wonderful event that adorns the sky at this time

Shaban Bilal (Cairo)
Many astronomical events are observed by the world and lovers in different countries of the world are waiting to enjoy watching them through the naked eye or space telescope.
Fans of the astronomical and aerospace world can watch the Leonids meteor shower event, which is a medium meteor shower with about 15 meteors per hour peaking on November 17th and 18th, in spectacular views confirmed by astronomers. Healthy and enjoyable, if the air is clear and the sky is cloudy, free of dust and steam. .

Dr. Ashraf Tatros al-Ittihad, a professor of Egyptian astronomy, told me that these meteorites are famous for having a hurricane peak every 33 years, and that hundreds of meteors can be seen in the hour they occur. The Leonids meteorite is produced from grains of dust left by the comet Temple-Tuttle, discovered in 1865.

Tatros added that the rains will continue from November 6 to 30 and will last from the night of the 17th to the morning of the next day.

The astronomy professor pointed out that the best observation of this event would be in a completely dark place away from the city lights after midnight, where meteorites would appear, as if they were coming from Leo, but they would appear elsewhere in the sky. .

Thatros encouraged young people and amateur astronomers and astronomers to watch and follow these events and to photograph them.

November is witness to many astronomical events and phenomena that can be seen with the naked eye in Egypt, especially the conjunction of the new moon, dragon meteor and moon with Venus.

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A few days ago, Mercury merged with the star Spica (the alpha sign of Virgo), where they disappeared from the intensity of dusk until they were seen approaching the sky towards the east at half past five in the morning. As a result of sunrise.

The Egyptian professor of astronomy noted that all observations of astronomical phenomena, except for solar eclipses, do no harm to human health or to his daily activities on earth, for seeing it with the naked eye is extremely harmful to the eye.