January 30, 2023

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Here is the N64’s Goldeye on four separate screens

The N64’s GoldenEye 007 is one of the most popular multiplayer games of all time, and the Computer History Center has found the perfect way to stop screen cheating by offering each player a separate screen.

The Center for Computer History has shared a video of this new way to play the Golden i007 Twitter, He shared how he can make this effort in the future 25 years of Golden I Dev talk evening.

During the event sale, fans who have already purchased tickets will have the opportunity to try out their own unique GoldenEye experience on screen.

The event will be attended by three Golden Eye developers – Martin Hollis, Dr. .

If you want to get this system for yourself, the Computer History Center warns that it is a bit tricky and very expensive because it requires approx. Pound8000 video distribution equipment. He also pointed out that the game runs on the original N64 using the original Golden i007 cartridge.

While it’s hard for most people to recreate this, the GoldenEye 007 Xbox achievements came online earlier this year, and may mark a new port that may come our way in the future.

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