March 21, 2023

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Limited demand for "iPhone 13" in "Apple" stores in the United Arab Emirates

Limited demand for “iPhone 13” in “Apple” stores in the United Arab Emirates

Apple stores in the United Arab Emirates and Etisalat & Du, in addition to many electronics stores, have begun offering iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max, iPhone 13, Mini, Pro and Pro Max to booking owners. Apple stores at “Yas Mall”, “Dubai Mall” and “Emirates Mall” in Abu Dhabi voted to receive a lower number of phones from booking owners due to precautionary measures. Covid-19 ”, the vast majority of people get new iPhones at home, and a large percentage prefer to wait until the price of their phones drops or buy them in installments from Etisalat or Duo.

Etisalat has announced the availability of the latest iPhone and iPad versions, including innovative and modern phones with the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, Ninth Generation iPad and its high capabilities and affordable price, and the iPod Mini with a new screen design, Pre-booking is also open from September 17th.

On Sept. 17, many retail stores opened pre-orders for new phones, received Friday, Sept. 24, and then opened the door to purchase phones directly across the country and through Apple Electronics Store and reputable electronics stores.

During its annual conference on the 14th of this year Apple announced a new version of the “iPhone 13”, “iPod” and “iPod Mini”, a phone 4 variants in addition to the seventh version of the “Apple Watch”. Smart watch.

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