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Here’s the story of the jerseys that set the Tour de France apart


Competition is fierce in the Tour de France (Stuart Franklin/Getty).

I gave a kickoff on Friday Tour de France Cycling in its 109th edition started from the Danish city of Copenhagen with the participation of 22 people. TeamsThe competition will last three weeks, during which the participants will cross 21 stages from Denmark to France via Belgium and Switzerland.

The race’s final stop will be the Champs Elysees in Paris, France. Unlike other sports, the jerseys worn by the competitors have different meanings and connotations, which we will try to explain.

Yellow Shirt: The dream of all participants

Referencing the yellow pages of the “Auto” newspaper, it was the most expensive and most important shirt in the race, which began in 1919 and later became “l’ecube” for Tour de founder Henri de Grange. France and the shirt is awarded by time for each stage, the player with the lowest time gets the jersey. Before that, the first-place finisher would receive a green badge that did not distinguish him from the other contestants.

Green jersey: In order of points

The jersey was adopted in 1953 to celebrate the race’s 50th anniversary, and refers to the order of points that competitors receive by winning the stage or the rider on the same stage for speed points, and during the fastest person stage 15 points, second 14 points, owner fifteenth place also gets a point. .

White Shirt: Honoring the Youth

It was first introduced in 1975 to appreciate the efforts of young cyclists, temporarily disappeared in 1988 and then reintroduced, following the same yellow jersey standards but designed for young riders under the age of 26.

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White Shirt with Red Polka Dots: King of the Hills

Awarded to the rider who finishes first in the mountain stages, the winner is called the “King of the Mountain” and is awarded by a scoring system by cyclists who reach the first places on various mountain routes, so the accumulating rider has more points after each hill climbing stage, the better the climber wears the shirt.

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