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Valkyrie Elysium release date leaked via PlayStation Network


Valkyrie Elysium release date leaked via PlayStation Network

Square Enix fans today revealed a new trailer and details that suggest the Valkyrie Elysium release date is closer than we think. The trailer was released on the Japanese PlayStation Store and includes never-before-seen gameplay clips of the main characters and story beats.

is attached: Is Valkyrie Elysium coming to Xbox?

The now-deleted trailer showed off an exciting new game and finally had a date, which is believed to be Valkyrie Elysium’s release date: September 29, 2022. That means we’re only a few months away from getting the game in our hands. However, testing Japanese PlayStation Store page A departure date has not yet been set. After watching the trailer, Eye Nature fans took many screenshots and shared them wherever they could. You can quickly find them by removing the trailer, because they are not always there.

At the time of writing, the trailer fans found in the depths of the Japanese PlayStation Store has been removed. It adds credence to details that are now shared across all social media. Square Enix has not commented on the denial of these details, meaning they are likely to be accurate.

Valkyrie is Elysium The latest entry in the beloved Valkyrie seriesIt revolves around the period of Ragnarok and stars Kiri, a warrior who dies in battle and rises to fight again. The title will feature the innovative combat mechanics that the series is known for, and stunning visuals that combine Scandinavian mythology and mystical graphics into a realistic wizarding world. Players must become Odin’s tool, the father of all, and save it from destruction when Ragnarok threatens to tear the world apart.

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