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Hisham El Meliki to Rania Shaheen .. Please do not give back my resume


The art community is always in crisis amidst colleagues, rumors of news and events …, but this week the Egyptian art community saw a different story, the hero of Egyptian artist Hisham El Melige, who appeared in the nineties. Many works of the last century and his colleague Rania Shaheen.
The crisis began after artist Rania Shaheen posted a photo of her co-worker, who explained that they were neighbors, and that although she was a great actor, she was not currently working and that she was suffering from depression. He also refuses to communicate with anyone in search of work because he is an emotional man.

Artist Hisham El Meliki with Rania Shaheen and Rames Jalal

Artist Hisham El Meliki with Rania Shaheen and Rames Jalal

While these words brought a great deal of sympathy to his followers, Hisham L-Meligi in particular appeared in many excellent roles, especially his role in the film “Side at the American University” and other roles, but the artist met. Sympathy with great anger.

Al-Meliji contacted his colleague and told him to delete the post, but found that the matter had spread and spread to everyone, and confirmed that he was not suffering from depression and that his affairs were fine. , Expressed his delight that people loved her and loved the roles she played, explaining that her co-worker had unwittingly done wrong to her because she had not met in a long time, but only asked to remove her with good intentions. Her post.

A few days passed until artist Rania Shaheen came out on a TV show to talk about her colleague and tried to remind him not to forget him in the meetings of the day, these words. Spread by websites and newspapers, and forced Hisham el-Meliki to respond, but in a different tone, he warned his co-worker on his Facebook account, “Professor Rania, you have voluntarily interfered in my life. You have said untrue things … without anyone telling you … I did not ask for help. You’re sure to bother me. “

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His last words came with a firm request, which was the last, where he said, “Please do not reply to my request again in any conversation or intervention. Thank you.”

A day later, El-Meliki returned to confirm that his colleague was competent and good, and he believed her intentions were right, and he called on the press not to fish in tense waters.

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