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Post-traumatic stress disorder: How to turn the test of war into a gift?


The study is monitored Psychology In recent decades, the so-called post-war traumatic stress disorder has survived the war. Psychological effects as a consequence.

With so many areas of conflict in our world today, research focuses on how to protect humans from this disease and turn the manifestations of war trauma from a disaster to a subsidy.

What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Symptoms that can affect a person who is in serious danger include death, injury, or witnessing. Acts of violence.

The types of post-traumatic stress disorder are expanded Journalists And is known to cause trauma by listening to photographers in conflict zones, as well as therapists and volunteers.

Victims vary in the symptoms of trauma according to their psychological nature. Some of them show symptoms Post-traumatic stress disorder Survival includes difficulty in recovering from traumatic memories that appear within a few years, even after a few years; He lives a recurring event with all his organs, which causes him severe nervous tension, and some suffer dreams Annoying and disturbing sleep and diet.

The patient is dominated by negative thoughts about himself and others and an exaggerated pessimistic view of the future, and finds it easy to feel isolated from the patient’s family and uninterested in his or her favorite activities. Feelings of panic and fear Rapid irritability and anger.

Turning suffering into blessing

Fortunately, research has revealed that PTSD has been transformed from a stressor to a new stage of personality development Community support This is known as community-based post-traumatic stress disorder.

Psychiatric Consultant Dr. Ahmed Abdullah believes that human suffering is an opportunity to change firm beliefs and to establish a network and effective cooperation in relief efforts. Positive energies In the field of volunteerism and relief.

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As for those who are constantly involved Facing wars And for crises such as relief workers and journalists, “Abdullah” advises them to fight sleep and eating disorders by organizing their work, and taking in enough rest and food as fuel to continue working.PriorityWhen following the news without interfering with the crisis.

He suggested keeping children away from the bombing scenes, but only if those things went to them. Horrible scenes It may be an opportunity to talk about the evils of wars and the importance of uniting before them.

In the words of a psychologist, the community can turn this experiment into a grant by volunteering and helping people; It will turn into a positive life experience Strong page In every human personality, instead of being isolated and immersed in his own psychological trauma, he realizes his importance to those around him.

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