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On the corridors of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, visitors await a magical surprise moving between the pages of a world-famous book, where one of the unique pavilions draws the attention of visitors, adults and children gather to take photos. Stand next to a landmark that belongs to the magical and legendary world of “Harry Potter”.

Considered one of the most important works of literature of the last decade, this book has moved the world beyond belief and inspired an entire generation of readers. Today, the “Hogwarts School” ward of the famous Harry Potter series is open for visitors. Number 8 appeals to readers and curious people of all ages.

The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, in its 32nd session, offers fans of the famous Harry Potter series an authentic simulation so that visitors can see the features of the School of Magic up close and experience walking its corridors.

The Long Red Corridor brings back to audiences the details of the wildly popular fantasy novel that has inspired many hit movies and groundbreaking plays, and become a cultural phenomenon involving popular culture and communities as well as commercial products. A 7-part encyclopedia.

Ward officer and owner of Hogwarts Model Idea, Walid Jabor, believes their choice of the Harry Potter character is the number one choice because of the world’s largest fan base of all ages. Book in the world of fantasy and magic” he said 24.

Harry Potter inspiration

According to Jabor, the model was placed in the middle of the exhibition to attract followers of the series and encourage the younger generation to read stories about the character, which some consider a source of inspiration using interesting adventures and magic.
Although this year is not the first visit of the “Harry Potter” character and his magical world, Jabor believes that the Hogwarts exhibition has a unique charm with the magnificence of the model, which was reflected in the high attendance rate, especially from the school’s students. .
Pavilion official says, “Harry Potter’s choice in the vast world of books and manuscripts was a fascinating symbol of reading, imagination and adventure, encouraging children to explore the world of books and reading.”

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Stereo Division

The large model features Hogwarts Great Hall, the Sorting Hat, Grand Staircase, Magic Wand Game and two 3D imaging functions. According to Jabour, Fort Abu Dhabi is one of the most important landmarks of the book fair, with its semi-realistic design, and the integration cap is “one of the most popular places where commemorative photos are taken.”

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