June 7, 2023

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محمد حماقي

Summary – Mohammad Hamaki on “Good Morning Egypt”: I have an idea for a movie I like, my songs for my daughter are not for release News

Singer Mohamed Hamaki was a guest on the show “Good Morning Egypt” which was shown by the show “Ninth” on Channel One.

During the meeting, Mohamed Hamaki spoke about the concert he performed at New Almen and the production footage for his latest album “Ya Fatni”, and we review his most important statements on the show.

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A concert with an audience is a big difference than a concert without an audience

– Very happy at the party and very happy with the diamond season, be the target of glad Arab singers that we got the concert season.

– The method of releasing the album as solo is a new thing, in the presence of the stages, it has become easier to deliver a song every season. At first, I was not with this idea, but this year I could not finish on time to release my entire album, so I wanted to be with the audience by releasing single songs. I am now in the final stages of the album.

– I was not expecting anything before releasing my albums. I present a song that I like and I believe that people should like and suit their taste and pray to God. The songs I chose are close to my heart.

– During the album “Naviha”, I expected a particular song to be a huge hit, but it did not happen, the other songs were so successful, I did not expect anything before the songs were released from that time.

– We wanted to present the songs differently, which means it should be different from the idea of ​​presenting the songs in the cartoons with the song.

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– I like songs that are full of emotion like “Ma Balash” and “La Hudsib”, we Arab people are emotional, so the impact of this type of song is greater than other songs.

The new album features songs such as “La Hutchip” which is full of emotions including “Bonforak”, “Aisak Dasmani” and “Wala Leela Min Lyalek”.

– I’m not primarily a singer and an actor, but I don’t ignore the idea of ​​acting. I love cinema and want to do a good job. I don’t want to appear the usual way. The Story of the Rise I do not want to use cinema to serve a singer, a singer.

– I have a new idea for a movie I appreciate, we will announce it soon and shooting may start later this year.

During this period I am less with my daughter and my wife because I am not always with them as I am busy with the album.

– I sang many songs for my daughter, but they were not for release.

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