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“Holding” wants to establish the largest health site in the United Arab Emirates “Pure Health”


Today, ADQ Holding has signed an agreement with Pure Health to merge several companies to form the largest healthcare provider in the UAE.

The agreement will see Abu Dhabi Health Services Company merge Seha and National Health Insurance Company Damon into Pure Health.

In addition, Tamouh Healthcare, Yas Clinic Group and Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center will partner with Pure Health to provide a variety of services, including hospital management, laboratory services, medical products and health information services. The Integrated Health System of Clean Health will make a significant contribution to the Department of Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates in achieving the goal of raising the level of health services to ensure the health of citizens and residents.

This network will allow patients to benefit from a variety of medical expertise and premium healthcare services. Mohamed Hassan Al Zuwaidi, CEO of ADQ Holdings, said: “Pure Health will play a key role in providing the country’s leading healthcare services by integrating many of our portfolio companies into the new platform.

We have been working to improve the efficiency of building the largest healthcare network in the UAE based on clinical capabilities through improved services, better spending on health care and enhancing performance levels across all network functions.

Integrating the business of the country’s most important medical centers and leading health insurance companies will contribute to the creation of a scalable healthcare platform and sustainable growth.

Mohammed Thani Murshid Al Rumaidi, Chairman of Alpha Holdings, said: “This unique ecosystem integrates technology and health and represents a measurable platform for international development.

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It strengthens the country’s leading position and provides value to our investors. In the future, Pure Health will seek to diversify its portfolio and take advantage of global expansion opportunities to build on its success in the United Arab Emirates.

For his part, Farhan Malik, Managing Director and CEO of Pure Health, said: “As we work to build the largest integrated healthcare platform in the United Arab Emirates, clean health is committed to providing transparent and accessible healthcare services. Safety health is important and requires continuous development, and we want to continue to work to improve human health and ensure that the people of the country enjoy longevity and good health.

ADQ Holdings will become the largest shareholder in Pure Health. Other shareholders include Alpha Abu Dhabi Holdings Limited, International Holdings Limited, AH Capital and Ataa Financial Investments. The transaction is subject to normal closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.

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