June 7, 2023

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Holland's condition annoys Dortmund!  Al-Ittihad newspaper

Holland’s condition annoys Dortmund! Al-Ittihad newspaper

Berlin (AFP)
The position of Norwegian striker Erling Holland, who has established himself as one of the most important stars on the European continent with his immense goals even after 21 years, is amidst the greed of the Major, who is massacring his German team Borussia Dortmund. Clubs for his services.
The Austrian Red Bull has scored 76 goals in 75 games since coming to Dortmund from Salzburg in January 2020.
Although he remains linked with Dortmund until 2024, he has a big chance of leaving in 2022, enforcing a provision in his contract (மில்லியன் 80 million) that raises the concerns of the club’s CEO Hans-Joachim. Watzke wants to know what the player and his agent Mino Riola are planning.
Watzke and his management became increasingly concerned after Riola released a statement earlier this month that Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Spain and local rival Bayern Munich could be one of his next targets. Customer in 2022.
At the end of the current season, Riola revealed to German radio “Sport 1” that “Earling has a great chance to leave” and added: “Next summer or next summer.”
He continued, “He can take the next step. Bayern, Real, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City are the clubs he can go to.”
He explained, “We knew full well when he went to Dortmund that this move was coming.”
Riola confirmed that he would talk to Dortmund officials to talk about the matter: “We will provide our views on this matter and they will share it with us.”
As for Wattsky, things are clear. “We do not have to wait until March or April to find a solution,” he said, adding that “we will talk in the next few weeks.”
Last March, Holland became the fastest player to reach 20 goals in the Champions League after 14 matches, the biggest record ever confirmed by Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese champions’ historic highest scorer of 56 games. Achieve this number of goals.
As for the other great Argentine star, Lionel Messi, he needed 40 games.
At the same age as Holland (21 years and six months), Ronaldo did not open his first goal of the tournament, scoring 140 goals so far.
In terms of the exchange market, Holland seems to be the most attractive to major clubs, along with French Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbabane.
Barcelona tried to find out the status of the Norwegian star after meeting with its leader Jon Labordo Priola to discuss the matter.
According to the Bavarian giant, Bayern was passing on the best of his local rivals, like his current Polish top scorer Robert Lewandowski, who first appeared with Dortmund before heading to the “Allianz arena”. Hollande will not be included, as her boss Herbert Heiner said before Christmas.
According to official information from Dortmund, “I know Real Madrid are very interested in him,” Watzke recently said, but added, “I can name 25 other clubs.”

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