April 1, 2023

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Honey Shaker: Festival scenes are priceless, pornography surpasses them | News

Artist Honey Sehgar said the music industry’s syndicate had not announced its decision to ban certain festival artists for technical reasons, and did not recognize the number of festival goers as a measure of success.

Honey Shaker explained in an interview with journalist Ahmed Moussa on the show “On My Responsibility” that banned festival artists cannot be held liable in the syndicate for their songs, but rather before a criminal court.

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As he describes them, they present festivals that endure degradation, degradation and degradation, and he said intervention is needed to protect the youth and that this has nothing to do with creativity and freedom.

Honey Shaker pointed out that singing words in Western societies does not work in Egyptian society.

The music industry’s syndicate has confirmed that the number of views of festival songs on YouTube does not indicate their artistic value, because if a pornographic film is released in an immoral manner, it does not mean it will reach a large number of views. It’s a valuable film.

He went on to say that the success of some festival songs depends on the fake and the purchase of views. Their ideas are a measure of public success.

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