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Doom 4 footage reveals just how different it could have been


Doom 4 footage reveals just how different it could have been

The scraped footrest looks very different from its predecessors, and the unedited footage shows just how awesome the new video game is.

Published on YouTube By documentary video game channel Noclip, the footage offers a completely different atmosphere to the franchise. The actor is shown being chased into a sewer by ghosts crawling on the walls and ceiling, with horror music playing in the background. It exudes a horror and survival atmosphere rather than the high-octane action of the Doom games. Some of the prototype footage also evokes memories of Rage, another series developed by IT Software.

Doom 4 was officially announced back in 2008. After years of disappearing from the news cycle, it was officially re-revealed as Doom, which will continue to launch in 2016.

In our IGN Unfiltered interview with IT Software senior producer Marty Stratton, we learned that Doom 4 was dropped in favor of 2016’s Doom because the project “has more Doom in its name than anything else.”

Stratton said at the time: “The thing is; It was still good. It was a good match. It was still a long way from launch, so he had a ways to go.” “We were multiple teams at the same time… a lot of people were working on Rage, and then… we refocused our attention. [DOOM] And it lacks some basic elements of DOOM.

For more on Doom, check out the strange devices that can play the original from 1993, including LEGO bricks.

Logan Blunt is a freelance writer for IGN. You can find him on Twitter @LoganJPlant.

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