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HONOR brand plans to launch HONOR Magic V2 phone in UAE market soon ‹ Al Watan Newspaper


Leading technology brand HONOR has announced its intention to launch the HONOR Magic V2 phone in the UAE market, marking a major breakthrough in foldable device technology. Offering world-leading advancements in design, display and performance, the Honor Magic V2 sets new standards in the industry. The foldable phone weighs just 231 grams and measures 9.9 mm when folded, offering the perfect combination of portability and elegance. Notably, the HONOR Magic V2 foldable phone has broken the current rule of foldable phones thanks to its pioneering 5000 mAh battery, representing a pioneering achievement in the world of foldable devices.

Honor Ultra-Light Titanium Hinge: Using industry-first materials

For the first time, HONOR has used titanium alloy in the hinge cover, a pioneering innovation in hinge design in the foldable smartphone industry. Titanium has the perfect balance between weight and strength, being lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. It is a material that incorporates a combination of extreme lightness, extreme hardness and superior corrosion resistance, making it an ideal combination for a wide range of applications.

After many checks and tests by the HONOR R&D team, it has been proven that titanium alloy is an excellent alternative to other traditional materials when it comes to the hinge column cover part. Compared to aluminum alloy pillar covers, titanium alloy exhibits an impressive strength of up to 150%, making it a highly desirable material of choice for a lightweight foldable smartphone.

Meanwhile, titanium alloy inherently has a high melting point of 1650°C, compared to traditional folding hinge materials such as aluminum alloy of only 650°C, which also shows that HONOR’s all-new upgraded hinge has unparalleled strength.

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Advanced configuration

The hinge’s redesigned support structure is significantly improved over its predecessor, with thickness reduced by 75% and the depth of crease marks on the interior view reduced by 47%. Also, what makes the Honor Magic Vs Key unique is the advanced “brake caliper” system with seven groups of cameras – 3 groups more than previous Honor foldable phones – which provides a more stable and elegant experience with smooth opening and closing. Thanks to the addition of these components, the hinge enables an exceptional opening and closing experience at different angles, enhancing user experiences with features such as photography, movie watching, conferencing, among other practical applications.

Unique to the Honor Magic V2 hinge, the advanced “Caliber” tamping system with seven sets of cameras – three more than the previous foldable Honor – provides a solid and elegant experience with smooth opening and closing. Thanks to the addition of these components, the hinge offers an exceptional experience at different angles, enhancing user experiences with features such as shooting from different angles, watching movies, conferencing and many other practical applications.

HONOR brings another breakthrough in the industry with HONOR’s self-developed micro-lock, a component made from HONOR’s proprietary steel. About the size of a grain of rice, this tiny component is 20 to 100 times smaller than its counterparts used in previous HONOR foldable smartphones. This precisely engineered, lightweight and durable component is perfectly suited to prevent screen misalignment and creases on the phone’s screen, ensuring optimal performance.

In HONOR’s thinnest phones, even invisible components like screws have been innovated. Inside the titanium alloy hinge, custom narrow screws are used to reduce the height of the hinge structure.

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HONOR’s signature micro-lock is placed on hinged component connections, a testament to craftsmanship and perfection. A combination of ultra-precision manufacturing techniques and durable materials effectively minimizes crease marks caused by screen misalignments. Additionally, custom HD nuts – the industry’s most precise and compact nuts (0.75 x φ2.9mm) – provide a unique fastening solution for securing hinge components. This innovative mounting system outperforms traditional nuts and makes better use of the space inside the device.

New construction for more space and strength

The traditional “triple-stack” display architecture has long been a major obstacle to putting large batteries in thin and lightweight foldable mobile phones. By integrating a “three-in-one” display driver component, Honor was able to use the extra internal space to install a 5,000mAh carbon silicon battery inside the Honor Magic V2. The inclusion of a 5,000 mAh battery in this slim and lightweight body is a testament to Honor’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and engineering excellence and choosing the path to success, however difficult.

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