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Hospitals under Arab Insurance in Saudi Arabia


Which hospitals are covered by Arab Insurance? What are the main services offered by this company in the Kingdom? Many companies in the Kingdom distinguish insurance services, among the most important of which we find the Arab Cooperative Insurance Company, whose services include many hospitals, and we will look at these hospitals.

Hospitals under Arab Insurance

There are several hospitals in Saudi Arabia that are covered by the health insurance coverage of Saudi Arabia, and we review the most important of these hospitals in the following context:

  • Hospitals under Arab Insurance in Capital Riyadh: Victoria Hospital, Saudi English Medical Center (Olaya District), Aster Sanat Hospital, Green Crescent Medical Complex, Rabih Hospital (on Al-Kharj Road), Ali Bin Ali Hospital, Elite Medical Center, Al-Azhar Hospital, Dalla Hospital and Dalla Pinmar Hospital.

  • The group of hospitals covered by Arabia Insurance in Jeddah include Al Hamra Hospital, Khalid Modern Medical Complex and Nahdi Care Clinics, Jeddah Private Hospital, Saudi Hospital, Aya Specialty Hospital and the luxurious Sehati Complex.

  • Arabia Insurance covers healthcare services in Madinah, including Dr. Hamid Sulaiman Al-Ahmadi Hospital and Madinah United Healthcare Hospital.

  • A Takaful Arabia insurance policy in Qasim covers the group of hospitals, Bassam Medical Complex, Embassim Medical Complex, in addition to Anmar Al Khaleez Medical Complex.

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Hospitals under Arabia Takaful Insurance

Hospitals covered by Arab insurance have a wide range of medical spaces for all residents of the Kingdom, as these insurances aim to achieve various objectives:

  • To cover all expenses and financial burdens related to providing necessary care and treatment to the injured, and to enhance the quality of medical services provided to the patients in the hospital centers.

  • Medical companies affiliated with the Arab Insurance Network work to provide the best care and comfort to patients, ensuring that they provide the services they need to facilitate the treatment process.

  • Distributing the financial burden of treatment between individuals and institutions helps reduce each of their share of these costs, which clearly reduces the economic burden on them.

Number of Hospitals Covered by Arab Takaful Insurance

Hospitals under Arab Insurance provide a list of phone numbers that can be used to contact them:

  • The insurance company can be contacted through the phone number designated to answer customer queries ie: +966112153360 or fax number: +966112153197.

  • You can also contact through the official website of the company, which is specially designed to facilitate instant communication with the company and to get all available information and services. on the site.

  • You can contact us through Email to the company.

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What is Cooperative Insurance?

“MS Company” is a joint stock company based in Saudi Arabia and has a business registration number since its establishment in 1986. Specializes in providing various insurance services. The company is committed to providing more types of insurance for cars, people and people. In addition to health insurance that provides property, high compensation and other forms of integrated insurance.

How do I activate Cooperative Insurance Card?

To activate the card for all the family members, to activate the main membership card, you need to send the membership number and insurance identification number of the insured to the number (966 501492222) so that the cards are automatically activated. For all members.

How do you contact Arab Cooperative Insurance Company?

  • Access the company's website through a web browser and start an instant conversation with the customer service department.

  • Visit the company's headquarters in Riyadh or its branch near you.

  • Contact us by fax on +96611481661.

  • Call directly on mentioned whatsapp number: +966920019990.

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