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“Schools of Life” is decorated in January with masterpieces of jewelry and design


Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, “Dubai Culture”, offers knowledge and motivational sessions to patrons of Dubai's public libraries to enhance the skills and abilities of community members through the activities of the “Schools of Life” program. The program will introduce a group of clubs next January, among them “Languages”, “Plastic Arts”, “Drawing”, “Jewelry”, “Chess” and others. Methods of design and jewellery-making, art of storytelling and expression of ideas will be highlighted, in line with the Authority's efforts to create a sustainable creative and cultural environment.

Visitors to the Al-Safa Art and Design Library will be treated to several workshops on the topic of “Jewelry and Design,” including the “Gold: Decoration and Treasury” workshop, which will focus on the details of gold. Purchases and its varieties, while Farah Pervez Barucha presents… The Picasso Institute, through the “Jewelry Design” workshop, provides enjoyable and useful experiences for those who want to discover the professional arts, Prof. Shadi Al-Tabba, ” Seating: Redesigning Furniture” workshop, invites participants to their Seeking to encourage ideas to emerge and help them develop a concept for future seating that supports social interaction, Emma Boutros of the company is responsible for developing the skills of library visitors in the fields of shoe innovation and design.

Within the “Jewellery Club” workshops, Fatima Al Muhairi focuses on developing the skills of the audience, training them in techniques for creating jewelry and gem designs, art drawing and methods of shading pearls and beads, among others. While Shereen Shaheen Rashidiya opens up ways for visitors to the public library to create unique jewelry collections using recycled materials, Hamida Qathali also oversees the delivery of a “Bracelet Making” workshop at the Mankool Public Library. “Making Copper Earrings” workshop, which will be held in the library. Common people too.

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As part of the “Book Club” activities, Menna Al Badr at Hatta Public Library offers a “Building Basic Skills for Creative Writing” workshop, which seeks to train participants in ways of expressing ideas and conveying messages using creative language. Capturing the interest of readers, and through the “Short Stories” workshop held at Al Dwar Public Library, Lamia Tawfiq gives children the opportunity to discuss books using the art of storytelling, while visitors to the Al Safa Art and Design Library will receive an appointment. A panel of valuable books will be discussed, along with a “Journey Through a Book” session presented by Dalia Abu Al-Atta.

Meanwhile, through “Language Club” sessions held at Al Dwar Public Library, Maryam Al Farsi sheds light on the aesthetics of “Emirati Ramza”, during which she reveals the differences between classical Arabic and the Emirati dialect, including greetings. , greeting and introducing oneself are sentences using present tense verbs in Arabic, in addition to modes of speech.

On the other hand, the Al-Safa Library for Art and Design hosts “Fine Art Club” workshops, supervised by the artist Magdi Ghafrawi, in which he seeks to train the library's visitors on drawing techniques, the secrets and ways of basic colors. To use them, “Schools of Life” celebrates the Brazilian artist through “Drawing Club” workshops. Romero Brito, where Nanyumbi Margaret offers “Expressing Joy” and “Flower Drawing” workshops that help children use lines and circles to create works of art that express their dreams, hopes and positive feelings.

It is noteworthy that “Schools of Life” offers a free workshops to the patrons of Dubai Public Libraries, thereby strengthening its partnerships with various sectors, as several events held in partnership will be organized in January 2024. Picasso Institute, Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation and Dubai Institute of Design.

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