June 6, 2023

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How can Apple convince us to choose the most expensive devices?

Many companies, including Apple, try to act as if they have more respect for values, even though they prioritize it over profit and financial gain. But whether we believe it or not, we all agree: Apple is, above all, a for-profit company.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, because this is how we live our business and life, but in a statement released by Phone Arena, Apple has cleverly followed the tricks it uses to maximize its profitability by guiding consumers to spend. His money on more expensive and expensive devices.

IPod Air pushes you to like the iPod Pro without you noticing

Suppose we have a consumer who wants to save money, but wants to buy a good iPad instead. In fact, the base iPad is nice and powerful, but its design has no borders and its components are not developed, and it only supports the first generation of the Apple Pencil, and its screen is not laminated. There seems to be a purpose to it, pushing those consumers to accept the idea that they have to spend more money to get the best class of device they want and its latest version.

Then comes the iPod Air, which is a good choice at a reasonable price based on the capabilities it offers, as well as supports the iPod Pro keyboard and accessories. But hey, there is a problem, i.e. the iPod Air offers only two options in terms of internal storage capacity which are 64 and 256 GB, and the difference is obvious.

The 64GB version costs $ 600, which is acceptable, but if you are a fan of creativity or want to download a lot of music, movies, programs and games on your tablet, you may realize that storage is not possible. Enough, you will want a different option for this reason, so you decide to spend $ 750 to buy the bigger version.

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The new iPhone SE looks geeky

A few weeks ago Apple announced the latest iPhone, the iPhone SE in its third generation. But even though it is the latest version of Apple phones, it offers an outdated and undesirable design. If I had meditated a little, I might have thought that Apple did not want to pull this budget phone out from under the more expensive iPhone 13 phones.

While it is true that the iPhone SE is very powerful from the inside and outperforms the leading phones running on the Android system, it is still among the best iPhone phones in the competition in terms of performance, but Apple had to make its final design. The phone is geeky compared to the beautiful iPhone 13 phones, otherwise everyone wants to own an economical iPhone SE and save their money instead of giving it to Apple.

We can say that Apple relies on an optical trick here that can force many consumers, such as children and teenagers, to force parents to buy the iPhone 13 instead of the iPhone SE, although both devices are powerful and have great capabilities. .

High cost storage capacity hostage

Apple seems to be holding its high-capacity devices hostage and demanding a ransom for them. The price of a high capacity device is usually higher than the price of a low capacity device. Looking at the iPhone 13 series, we see that the storage capacity is gradually taking the consumer from the low price to the high price so that you end up wanting to pay the price difference to buy the Pro or Pro Max model.

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Perhaps that’s why Apple does not offer the possibility of expandable storage on the iPhone, preferring to have complete control over storage options. If iPhones support external storage via SD card, Apple will lose control of these options because you can buy a smaller capacity iPhone and add external capacity to it. This practice seems to be against consumer rights, but from a business perspective it is best for a company to increase its revenue and profit margin.

Look at the prices and offers

In conclusion, it is fair to point out that Apple is not just thinking about maximizing its profits in various ways. But we can say that Apple is a very successful company in forcing consumers to pay more. If other companies can do this, they will not hesitate to do so.

With so many phones, companies, products and options, it’s best to keep an eye on the prices and offers available in the market and there are times when there are downloads and discounts to help save money. , Unless you are in a hurry or insist on phones or devices of a particular model or type.