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Will Morocco repeat its historic record in Mexico at the 2022 World Cup?


And according to the results of the lottery, the followers of the football problem do not rule out success Moroccan national team Positive results in this World Championship and reached the second round, provided good preparation.

Morocco was able to book a ticket to qualify World CupFor the second time in a row and for the sixth time in its history, after a wide-ranging victory over the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca 4-1 against the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

And occupies a select oneBlack AtlasAccording to the FIFA World Rankings released on Thursday, it is ranked 24th in the world and second in Africa after Senegal.

Strong ‘balance’ group

Belgium ranks second in the world according to the “Atlas Lions”, despite having “Atlas Lions” in a group that includes both.FIFAWith the exception of Croatia, where World Championship Russia finished second in the final edition of 2018, many sports analysts believe the chances are relatively equal among the teams in the group compared to other teams.

The Moroccan national team had previously faced Belgium in the final World Cup in the United States In 1994, the latter team won a match 0-1.

Regarding the Moroccan team’s chances in the tournament, journalist and sports analyst Badr El Din El Idrissi said the team is “balanced” and at the same time strong because it includes the Belgian team, which he describes as the “uncrowned champion”. Who has long been at the top of the FIFA rankings of the strongest teams in the world Croatia Advancing to the final of the 2018 World Cup in Russia came as a surprise.

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As for Canada, al-Idrisi considered the Moroccan national team to be relatively superior, despite the fact that his team consisted of many natural players playing for the largest European clubs.

Al-Idrisi told Sky News Arabia that the draw for the 2018 World Cup in Qatar was more balanced than the draw for the 2018 World Cup, which added the Moroccan team to what has been described as a “death” group. , Which includes Portugal and Spain.

He stressed that the World Cup needed extensive preparation to achieve results that would quench the thirst of the Moroccan public to repeat the 1986 scene as the first African and Arab team to qualify for the second round of the World Cup final. This is a global football tournament.

Al-Idrisi pointed out, “The controversy between the coach of the national team must first be resolved Wahid Hallilhotsik In addition, some professional players from abroad are preparing for Qatar’s strong participation in the 2022 World Cup in the interest of the national team. ”

Determining the future of the coach

Sports commentator Mohamed Al-Mahmoudi believes that before heading to the World Cup finals, Moroccan Football Association coach Wahid Halilhotsik’s future has become a priority, and he has been widely criticized by Moroccan fans due to his technical choices.

According to al-Mahmoud, Morocco, west, sunset He stressed the need to recruit special players from outside the “Lion” squad for the Moroccan national team, including Chelsea’s Hakeem Jiech and Nasir Mussoorie, a top player in the Dutch Ajax. Major teams, join the national team.

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Sports commentator continued in a statement to “Sky News Arabia” that these elements would improve Morocco’s fortunes to reach advanced levels of competition at this World Championship if used correctly and correctly by a new national coach.

Al-Mahmoud pointed out the danger of underestimating the Moroccan team, which he described as a “strength” as it included second-placed Croatia for the World Cup. And Belgium He is ranked second in the world in the FIFA rankings.

Participating in this new edition of the World Championship, the Moroccan people advance beyond the first round to qualify for the second round, after the “Mexico 1986” edition, the “Atlas Lions” competed. Earlier leading their team to a historic record in 1986, they had a massive victory (3-1) against Portugal after drawing with both Poland and England.

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