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How can you improve your mental health? .. The most important reason is to be satisfied


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Your mental health affects the way you think, feel and act in your daily life. It also affects your ability to handle stress, overcome challenges, build relationships, and bounce back from life’s setbacks and hardships.mental health Being strong is not just about being free of mental health problems, mental or emotional health is more than being free from depression, anxiety or other psychological problems. Rather than not having mental illness, a website posted webmd

Recipients of mental health benefits:

A sense of satisfaction.

Enjoy life, laugh and have fun.

Ability to handle stress and recover from adversity.

A sense of meaning and purpose in both their activities and their relationships.

Flexibility to learn new skills and adapt to change.

Balance between work and play, leisure and activity.

Ability to build and maintain satisfying relationships.

Confidence and high self-esteem.

Whether you want to tackle a specific mental health issue, deal with your emotions better, or feel more positive and energetic, there are plenty of ways to take control of your mental health—starting today.

The relationship between resilience and mental health

Having strong mental health doesn’t mean you won’t go through hard times or emotional problems, we all experience disappointments, losses and changes, and although these are normal parts of life, they can still cause sadness, anxiety and stress. But just as physically healthy people can recover from illness or injury, people with strong mental health can recover from adversity, trauma, and stress. This ability is called resilience.

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Emotionally and mentally resilient people have the tools to handle difficult situations, maintain a positive outlook, focus through bad times as well as good times, and have the tools to be resilient and productive. Their flexibility reduces their fear of new experiences or an uncertain future.Even if they don’t immediately know how a problem will be solved, they believe that they will eventually find a solution.

Keys to Mental Health

Anyone can suffer from mental or emotional problems – and most of us will throughout our lives. This year alone, one in five of us will suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder. Yet despite the prevalence of mental health problems, many of us make no effort to improve our condition.

We ignore the emotional messages that tell us something is wrong and try to make it harder by distracting ourselves or discouraging ourselves with alcohol, drugs, or self-destructive behaviors. We stuff our problems in the hope that others won’t notice. Hopefully our situation will eventually resolve itself. Or we simply give up – we tell ourselves this is “just the way we are”.

Make social contact a priority — especially face-to-face

No matter how much time you devote to improving your mental and emotional health, you still need the connection of others to feel and perform at your best. Humans are social creatures with emotional needs for positive relationships and interactions with others. We are not meant to live and thrive in isolation. Our social brains crave companionship—even when experience makes us shy and distrustful of others.

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Phone calls and social networking have their place, but nothing beats the mood-enhancing, stress-relieving power of face-to-face time with others.

and communicating with a “good listener” — someone you can often talk to face-to-face, who listens to you without any preconceived notions of what you should be thinking or feeling. A good listener will hear the feelings behind your words and will not interrupt, judge or criticize you.

Communication is not a sign of weakness and does not make you a burden to others. Most people will be flattered if you trust them as much as you trust them. If you feel like you don’t have anyone, there are good ways to make new friends and improve your support network. Meanwhile, there is an even greater benefit to face-to-face interactions with acquaintances or people you meet during the day, neighbors, people in line at checkout or on the bus, or the person who brings you your morning coffee. Make eye contact and exchange smiles, friendly greetings or small talk.

Tips for communicating with others

Now call a friend or family member and arrange to meet. If you both lead busy lives, offer to run errands or work together. Try to make it a regular meeting.

If you don’t think you have anyone to call, reach out to people you know. Many people are just as uncomfortable making new friends as you are – so be the one to break the ice. Reconnect with an old friend, invite a co-worker to lunch, or ask a neighbor to join you for coffee.

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Get out from behind the TV or computer screen. Communication is a largely nonverbal experience that requires you to interact directly with others, so don’t neglect your real-world relationships in favor of virtual communication.

Being active is as good for the brain as it is for the body

Mind and body are intrinsically connected. When you improve your physical health, you automatically experience greater mental and emotional well-being. Physical activity releases endorphins, powerful chemicals that lift your mood and give you extra energy. Regular exercise or activity has a significant impact on health issues, mental and emotional, relieves stress, improves memory and helps you sleep better.

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