March 25, 2023

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The Ministry of Culture is preparing to hold a "Jax Art Festival" in Trivandrum

The Ministry of Culture is preparing to hold a “Jax Art Festival” in Trivandrum

Preparing Ministry of CultureOrganizing the “Jax Art Festival” at the Historic Center in Trivandrum, the festival’s activities will be held for ten days from 14 to 23 July 2022, targeting all sections of the community, including unique interactive experiences in five regions. The opening stage, then the creative windows area, goes through the cherry tree, then a journey inside the renaissance, finally a taste stage, introducing the audience to the creative experiences and the intellectual, cultural and artistic dimensions.

Notable Participating Artists

The festival also includes Rashid al-Shasha on the list of artists, including works of art of local and international names, light installations and works of art that include the identity of the place, through the “Windows of Creativity” section. , Abdul Rahman Al-Shahad and French Julian Cartier, with the participation of Venezuelan artists Oscar Olivarez and Felipe Prado, in addition to the Pencil Foundation, Al Yasser Studios in the United Arab Emirates and Wreckler Studios from Canada.

In the Jax region, artist Alessandro Petrolini, Japanese Nakayama Akiko, Guatemalan artist Marines Henry and Indian Manvier will take part in works in the region inspired by Jax’s identity. The “Journey in the Renaissance” section offers three things. A dimensional experience that evokes the audience’s senses with modern techniques that reflect the wonderful artistic inventions of holograms and the pioneers of Italian art, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, in which the contemporary Italian artist participates in the creative works of the Medortech.

The purpose of the festival

The Ministry of Culture seeks to “Jax Art Festival” to enrich Jax’s creative environment with activities that attract art lovers in the state, and to create a platform for creative communication between Saudi and international artists at the center of the Kingdom. Creating Tria as an inspiring cultural beacon that contributes to enhancing cultural exchange and supporting artistic talents in an integrated creative environment.

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The Ministry invites those who wish to attend the festival to obtain tickets electronically:

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