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Writers’ strike leads “Emmy” awards … and “The Caliphate” in nominations

Although the fate of the “Emmy” television awards ceremony is still unknown due to the writers’ strike and the possibility of Hollywood actors retiring, the nominations were announced, and they did not come without surprises and disappointments.

In a virtual event broadcast via video, the series’ nominations for the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Awards 2023 were announced. Among them, Succession (Caliphate) stood out with 27 nominations. In the drama category, The Last of Us leads the way with 24 nominations, followed by The White Lotus with 23.

The Heirs (HBO) final season poster

HBO is drawing attention from Netflix

The common denominator between these three leading works is that they are all shown on the “HBO” site. With this, “HBO” has stolen the lead from other platforms led by “Netflix”.

However, no matter how diverse the series titles and producers are, it is certain that the different broadcasting platforms are still the stars of the entertainment and television industry until further notice. An announcement by screenwriters who have been on strike for nearly 3 months demanding a pay rise from major production studios. About 160,000 actors, along with writers, put the fate of film and television productions up in the air.

In the eye of the storm, the date of the 75th edition of the Emmy Awards ceremony, scheduled for September 18, also stands. Reports suggest that it could be pushed back to November, while Hollywood sources have not ruled out that the date could be pushed back to early 2024 due to the ongoing strike.

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Actors join “Hollywood” writers’ strike in more than two months (Reuters)

Recommended most important series

The “Succession” series has been awestruck by audiences and garnering critical acclaim. In its fourth and final season, the conclusion of the “Roy” family’s story left fans and journalists alike hopeful and satisfied. Not surprisingly, this impressive win translated into 27 nominations for Best Drama Series, Best Acting, Best Script and Best Direction.

The series, which has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama twice in the past three years, revolves around a wealthy family that owns the world’s largest media network. In the fourth season, after the decision is made to sell the media and entertainment empire, the rift between the family members grows.

Also competing in the drama category is the series “The Last of Us” shown by “HBO” earlier this year. Considering the immense success of the first season, the platform decided to produce a second season, which is expected to be ready for airing in 2025.

Adapted from the popular 2013 video game, the series deals with a fictional post-pandemic story that has decimated humanity by turning people into moving skeletons. The only hope of saving humanity is kidnapper Joel and teenage survivor Ellie.

The nominations for the 75th edition of the “Emmy” Awards take into account the series and programs shown from June 2022 to the end of May 2023. Among these works, the second season of “The White Lotus”, which won 23 nominations. The HBO series follows the diaries of wealthy tourists at the fictional resort of The White Lotus. The story oscillates between dramatic situations and social satire within a tight circle driven by money, sex and power.

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“The White Lotus” is one of the leading candidates for the series drama category (Instagram).

In the drama category, “Netflix” took the lead with a single nomination, “The Crown,” while “HBO” received most of the nominations. House of the Dragon, Andor, Better Call Saul and Yellowjackets are in the running for Best Drama.

Returning to comedy, the Dead Lasso series tops the list of nominated works with 21 nominations. The series, shown on the “Apple TV+” platform, tells the story of an American coach who moves to London to coach the English soccer team in its bid to join the Premier League over its three seasons. “Ted” fails the math task, but he succeeds in humor and gaining the audience’s sympathy.

The “Netflix” comedy series managed to crack the list with 12 nominations only on Wednesday. He competes with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Bear, Only Murders in the Building, Abbott Elementary and Barry. As for the surprise of the comedy nominations, it was the nomination of Jury Duty, whose presentation was met with harsh media criticism.

In the Best Short Series category, the Netflix series Beef and Dahmer is nominated. The beef belongs to the black comedy genre, and Dahmer falls into the realistic crime genre when dealing with the case of two strangers brought together by a road accident that turns into a complicated feud; Actor Evan Peters was nominated for his portrayal of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Actor Evan Peters was nominated for an Emmy Award for his role in the series “Dahmer” (Netflix).

Notable Emmy nominees include Pedro Pascal, “The Last of Us,” Jeremy Strong, “Heir,” Gina Ortega, “Wednesday” and Quinta Bronson, “Janine” in Abbott Elementary.

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