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High school students begin a statistics test. Education determines who is responsible for electronic fraud


The students began High school Sources in the Ministry of Education and Technical Education said that during the statistics exam, the students who videotaped the economics exam questions and posted them in electronic fraud groups were identified and legal action was taken against them. .

Also started the General Intermediate Examinations in 2022, this June 20th in the total non-included subjects, students took religious education and civic education exams, while on Tuesday 21st June, students write the Economics and Statistics exam. , And students will have until June 25 to retire before exams begin in basic education subjects.

According to the high school exams 2022 schedule, the Arabic language exam in the basic subjects will start on Sunday, June 26, the second foreign language exam on Tuesday, June 28, and the exam on Sunday, July 3, 2022. Chemistry for the science section, Geography for the literature section, and July 5, Tuesday, Dynamics, and Thursday, July 7, first foreign language, and students receive the first foreign language. From Thursday, July 9 to July 12, 2022, on the eve of the Eid al-Adha holiday, students will write the exam for Physics and History on Sunday, July 14 and on Sunday, July 17 for the exams in Geography, Environmental Science, Calculus, Psychology and Sociology. Biology, applied mathematics, statistics, philosophy and logic.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education said the number of students who applied for the high school exams this year was 707,992 (science and literature sections), with 2,089 transport groups in each department at the republic level. The guidelines for selection restrictions announced by the Ministry should be followed. Explain that a comment manual will be distributed to the selection committees before the commencement of the examinations to ensure that the students enter the board without any electronic devices “mobile-headphones”. The marathon should warn students not to write in the comment book and hand it over to the audience after the daily exam because the student is not allowed to pick up the comment book from the group.

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