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Gulf newspaper discussing intellectual vaccination of young people


The Emirates Association for Community Development hosted a dialogue session in Ras Al Khaimah (Tuesday) on “Intelligent Immunization … Fortress Nation Security and Its Safety Valve”.

The session was hosted by Mohammed Al Hammadi, President of the Emirates Press Association and presented by Salem Mohammed in the presence of a panel of intellectuals and writers.

The President of the Emirates Press Association stressed the importance of the role of the family, education, media and public welfare associations in protecting the community from destructive ideas as a result of technological development and modern communication methods that address Islamic ideology and challenges. Destructive ideas, and confronting malicious ideas with thought and logic, reject those ideas and vaccinate society against the security role played by the police and the military.

We need to realize that we live in a virtual world and its impact on the new generation without any “filtering” where young people face multiple cultural, intellectual, social and security challenges. Therefore, the way we handle the New World and these challenges must be differentiated by making laws in line with various regional policies and files.

Al-Hammadi pointed out that the media work system must be completely changed for the next fifty years and that the role of media companies must be strengthened by developing the tools of their staff in light of the continuing external attacks by lies on the youth group. Whether we are citizens or residents who have talents, we should benefit from this crowd.

Al-Hammadi should raise awareness in the light of the intuition, misconceptions and law-based information cycle of the “media scoop” and the spread of fabricated information and rumors that represent the biggest challenges in our open world. Rumor.

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For his part, the Director General of the Emirates Association for Community Development, Khalaf Salem bin Anbar, confirmed that the dialogue session comes within the Association’s objectives of spreading the intellectual awareness of the community closer to the United Arab Emirates. A record, especially at the start of Expo 2020 Dubai, the most important global event, is on the rise of launching anti-government attacks and fabricated media campaigns. Especially young people. (Left)

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