February 4, 2023

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Lagrim has announced the opening of its barber shop in Dubai

Wisdom from the exit R..I.B.R..The 4 October 16, 2020, Logry Is back, but for a completely different project: its barber shop opened in Dubai.

New hair adventures for rapper from 94 people who were happy to present it on its social networks and on the Instagram account of its brand new “Barber by Lacrim”.

R..I.B.R..O4: Finishes in saga style

By 17 tracks We can see less than 8 big hits Child, Short, Summer, Soso Manes Or Joule. A beautiful cast for the last part of his mixsteps, which is now certified in gold, which marks the project’s over 50,000 sales.

Lacrim has also covered its history R..I.B.R..Oh With Collector’s box Combining his 4 projects and a 48-page photo guide, Fifo revisited his career...

While waiting for a new project, if you have a hair project in Dubai you know where to go.

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