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How much did Mohamed Salah pay to appear with Esad Younis?

How much did Mohamed Salah pay to appear with Esad Younis?

Arab football fans in general and Egyptian football fans in particular are waiting for an exceptional appearance with Egyptian Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, Asad Yunus.

Mohamed Salah is expected to make his first appearance on Egyptian television, with Esaad Younes as the media guest in an exclusive interview.

In recent times he has seen the presentation of a “promo” of a meeting with Mohamed Salah Essad Yunus, expressing his desire to see that conversation soon.

Date of Mohammed Salah’s interview with Esaad Younes

Egyptian press reports that Mohamed Salah’s conversation with Esad Younes will be broadcast in early March and in two parts.

How much did Mohamed Salah pay to appear with Esad Younis?

Mohammed Salah reportedly received 16 million Egyptian pounds, or about one million US dollars, to appear with Assad Younis.

According to reports, talks with Mohamed Salah to appear with Esad Yunus began last October, and everything was agreed with his business manager before the conversation could take place.

According to senior media reports two months ago through the teaser film, Mohamed Salah’s conversation with Esad Younis will be broadcast on Egyptian television on his first channel, as well as on DMC.

According to reports, Mohamed Salah’s conversation with Esaad Younes will be a private meeting and it will not bear the name of the famous “Her Excellency” show presented by the media on the DMC channel.

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