June 3, 2023

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"How much Saudi Arabia needs Biden and the example of Mohammed bin Salman" .. Contact an article in an American newspaper

“How much Saudi Arabia needs Biden and the example of Mohammed bin Salman” .. Contact an article in an American newspaper

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists spread an article on social media about the Wall Street Journal in which US President Joe Biden’s planned visit to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with the Crown Prince. Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Ignoring the strategic needs of the Arab allies in the Gulf, Mr. Biden came to power under the contempt of the left in Riyadh … as a candidate who promised to make Saudi Arabia ‘worthwhile and make them paramilitary,” the newspaper said in a socially valuable article in the current government.

Iran has rejected Biden’s offer to return to the 2015 nuclear deal and blocked UN nuclear analysts. Meanwhile, the Saudis sought to sue Russia and China as strategic and economic partners instead of the United States. Until recently, the Saudis refused. In response to requests from Biden to pump more oil, the Crown Prince reportedly refused to answer his phone call. Now Biden is in love with Saudi Arabia again, and his public statements must be deepened by his initial public disregard. “

The newspaper added in its report on the Saudi crown prince that he had “brought about a hitherto unknown social reform in the country, including women … Mr Biden was right to try to mend relations and hurt the left in his party.”

In a separate context, activists spread videos of the US president on social media, wondering what he was doing in a series that included several flaws and tongue-in-cheek signatures that Biden signed during previous speeches.

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