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Sonic Frontiers 'Open Zone' sounds like any open world game

Sonic Frontiers ‘Open Zone’ sounds like any open world game

Sonic angrily looks at something outside the screen as he runs through a lush forest.

Screen capture: long story

Morio Kishimoto, senior developer and manager of Sonic Group Voice bordersHe has been doing everything he can lately to clarify what Seka means as the game progresses “Open Zone” Kinetics.. But his explanation confirms that the phrase is a nonsense marketing term and does not refer to it Border This is very different from other sandbox games.

“Our open area is a map of the world, and we turned it into a whole game,” Kishimoto said. IGN. An executable world map that includes things like theater is something that has never been done before, so we had to come up with a new name. What is often defined as the world in other level based operating systems is called the zone in Sonic games, so we took it and combined it with Open, so you can check it freely.

Kishimoto did well, but you described the open world.

If so what Voice borders Maybe it’s about sounds like a direct link to the design The power of angerThe Fantastic stretch Packed 3D Super Mario World On the switch. Although The power of anger Traditional scattering Mario Levels on a large map, it was still mostly open world game without layers in the soul. At least it sounds like it to me Voice borders Try the same thing.

“The open area is in the middle Voice borders“The gameplay and levels of the game are elements within this zone,” Kishimoto said. From grinding bars to platform objects, loops and more, the open area is filled with the sporty activities we love. My voice Toys. “

I’m good at making it clear what people think is relevant to their games. Language, especially language related to game design, is constantly evolving. There are a lot of “rudeness” nowadays The general is very low With the eighties We can, But with a slight deviation from its original meaning, I immediately understand what one means when one uses this word. Words like “metroidvania” and “attractive sim” in this regard.

I think this is Kishimoto’s persuasion Voice borders What seems fun to me is something else.

“The [world map] Since then the system has been used by countless sites [Super Mario Bros. 3], To this day, Kishimoto said. “We see the real evolution of this structure as its essence Voice borders‘field. We want to provide the next generation operating system based experience. But how do we create a level based site My voice In this new open area? And what it is Voice borders Everything “.

Of course, no one asked Kishimoto to explain all of these terms or to indicate what was really important Sonic Frontier“Open Zone” dropped out of the “Open World” game during a recent media attack. கொட்டகு Contact Sega for more information, but do not ask immediately.

Voice borders It will be released in late 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Switch and PC. This She is beautiful And maybe the way to play? It does not cause any hope Oh, but Sega does He should not delay release Despite the often negative feedback.

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