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How Nvidia leads the graphics card market


To be continued A company Despite the difficulties the market faced last year, the Nvidia graphics card remains in control of the market.

AMD is its main competitor in this market. Despite their efforts, they offer more value for money. However, the difference between the two companies is huge.

Nvidia’s share of the graphics processor market increased by 3% between the second quarter of 2020 and the second quarter of 2021. AMD has lost the same amount of market share over the same period. In theory, they took it from AMD.

The green giant holds 83% of the graphics card market. AMD accounts for only 17%. In terms of the graphics processor market in general, Intel alone controls 68% of it, because every processor from Intel is configured with a graphics card in it.

The most common, Reach out The graphics card market is up 3.4% year-on-year.

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Nvidia and the graphics card market

AMD has been very successful in recent years. In particular, unlike Nvidia, it is involved in the production and development of graphics and central processors.

The Raison CPU operating system outperformed Intel in more ways than one. It offers high value for money as it offers excellent performance and is based on 7nm production accuracy.

However, AMD’s engineering superiority does not guarantee success in the graphics card market. This clearly shows the decline of its market share.

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Nvidia graphics cards feature DLSS technology, which improves performance in games based on artificial intelligence and tension cores found on RTX cards.

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AMD sought to provide FSR, a competing technology. However, this technology has proven to be weak compared to competing DLSS technology and has not performed close to it.

The great advantage of DLSS technology may be due to artificial intelligence, an area where Nvidia generally excels. She was able to train for the DLSS AI model for many years. Competing AMD technology is based on relatively old methods.

Due to Nvidia’s excellent control over this area, it is able to convince game developers to support its technologies such as DLSS technology as quickly as possible, and its collaboration with developers is undoubtedly a high priority compared to AMD. This is due to the large differences in the market share.

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In addition to the above, users have experienced a severe shortage of graphics cards in recent months. This is due to the Govt-19 epidemic on the one hand and the need for miners’ cards on the other.

This prompted users to turn to laptops instead of assembling a PC. Nvidia’s strong control emerged because most gaming laptops already come with Nvidia cards.

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