May 30, 2023

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British singer Sarah Harding has died of breast cancer

British singer Sarah Harding died of breast cancer at the age of 39 on Sunday, the German news agency reported.

The British newspaper, The Mirror, reported that the singer, who belongs to the Oat Girls group, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and that the disease has spread to other parts of her body.

It is worth noting that Sarah began her artistic career in 2002, when she participated in the show Pop Star: The Reveals, a project aimed at finding male and female singing groups.

Sarah was able to reach the final stage and joined The Ode Girls along with Nicola Roberts, Nadine Cooley, Kimberly Welch and Cheryl Cole, and the choir was able to achieve great success, and the band members announced their split in 2013.

Before she died, Sarah Harding wanted to tell her story, and said it was a wonderful and colorful life, and she was more grateful that it had come true than she had dreamed of as a little girl.

So while she was being treated for breast cancer, which spread rapidly to her lungs and other parts of her body, she wrote her memoir – Sarah Harding’s other story somehow felt lost in celebrity.

After the public disclosure of his diagnosis in August 2020, after boldly announcing his diagnosis and mastitis, the star’s family, friends and fans knew that day would come, but his death still comes as a huge shock.

Sarah + Harding

Sarah + Harding

Sarah Harding