June 7, 2023

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How to apply makeup the Turkish way easily..these are the steps

Follow up – Suzanne Hassan

The Turkish touch in cosmetics is very important at all levels: hairstyles, makeup and fashion, especially in the Arab world, which celebrates the Turkish experience very much.

Here are the Turkish makeup steps you should follow if you want to get the Turkish look you want:

1- Make sure you clean your skin regularly and use a daily wash that rids the skin of accumulated oils and clogged pores.

2- Make sure you use a nourishing moisturizing cream whether it’s day or night and don’t use any moisturizing cream under the sun. So that burns do not occur on the face; Because moisturizing creams contain oils.

3- Make sure you use sunscreen and maybe use a foundation with sunscreen in it.

4- Apply a layer of foundation and after drying first follow it with another layer of foundation or a layer of free powder, especially if you have oily skin.

5- If you want to choose a shade lighter or darker than your complexion, let it be just one shade and not more; For a more streamlined or natural look.

6- Apply a layer of blush on your temples or earthy tones. Let the texture be creamy; For a very rich and classic touch.

7- Use cream eyeshadow in rich classic colors, apply a rich layer of mascara and wait for it to dry to apply a second layer.

8- Touch the eyeliner over your eyes and choose any color you like, not just black. You can choose brown, indigo or olive.

9- Turkish makeup especially celebrates the beauty of the eyes. Therefore, make sure that this area is full of makeup and at the same time without too many loud colors, but rather harmonious and classic, and the texture is soft and creamy, especially when it comes to eye shadows.

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10- Apply a rich layer of lipstick in the earthy or blush shades of your choice and top with a layer of shimmery gloss.

Finally, we hope you liked the article.