June 7, 2023

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Improve the mental health of university students!!!

Mental health is an essential and integral part of health and it is complete physical, mental and social security, absence of disorder or facing any situation in which a person experiences psychological deficiencies and adapts to nature by exploiting his abilities. Effective and honest work, and integration of skills and collective participation, especially for students in universities.
At each stage of the study there are many social and psychological factors that determine the level of psychological health of a person, and according to the stability of various situations and social and economic pressures, violence and their effects on the development of human phenomena, violations of rights, or dealing with crises or exposure to emotional traumas, all of which make students of this age Losing, there is a lot of intellectual balance.
Psychological health in the university refers to the existence of a university community, which should achieve psychological comfort, psychological well-being and intellectual competence of students, free from problems, tension and turmoil. Psychological safety is essential for every scientific or social activity. Don’t lose faith in yourself and your friends.
Most universities do not have psychologists, especially in the light of many intellectual and other deviations, easy access to all kinds of drugs, negative interaction with modern technology, social media and ways of manipulating images and videos to help students overcome many psychological crises.
Mutual psychological respect among students should be based on moral and religious principles and good mental health, each person should not be subjected to slander, violence or anything harmful, and should regulate environmental relations in such a way that each person maintains his personal, scientific and social status. or danger to him or her.
Islam’s approach achieves the pillars of mental health in building the Muslim’s humanity, demonstrating emotional equanimity and patience in the face of adversity, resilience in the face of despair and reality, and the person’s harmony with others.
Universities should provide an environment that respects and protects minimum civil and social rights, promote mental health, focus on issues affecting students’ mental health, address them and provide necessary support and strengthen programs for protection from violence. Students and depression treatment.
There are international and local organizations that support special programs for mental disorders for students, to develop and strengthen them, to evaluate the social environment according to a comprehensive program between universities, and to increase the psychological immunity of many students. Prevalence of many cases of extracurricular violence within the student community and for many reasons.

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