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How to design a website for a small business in Dubai


Dubai, as the commercial  hub of the Middle East region is now the house of many businesses across different industries. In such a busy marketplace, the demand for a wide range of services has always been on the rise. To respond to such a big and ongoing demand, small businesses can be very profitable if established and operated well.

One of the most important factors for a lucrative small business is online presence. Regardless of your business type, you must make sure that your business is well presented online.

How to take your business online?

There are basically two main options to make your business website up and running. You can either design your website by yourself, if you are a guru in web design principles and have a deep understanding of web design Dubai trends, or leave it with a professional web design company. Either way, you must ensure to develop a thriving website, as in today’s world there is no room for a business with an out-dated website design.

Having said that, it is highly recommended to work with a professional web design company to rest assured that all requirements in terms of design trends, needed features and UI/UX standards are taken into account

How much does it cost to develop a website for your small business?

The cost of a website for a small business varies depending on your business type, required features and most importantly the company that you work with to develop your website. You can work with a freelancer or an offshore unregistered company, or alternatively work with a registered company with a proven track record of success. Even though freelancers and offshore companies offer tempting price advantages, it is highly recommended to work with a reputable registered company. Website design Dubai price is relatively high, if it comes from a professional and reputable service provider. However, such companies are safer to work with, as you can assess the quality of their services and after sales support, which is not the case for freelancers and offshore companies.

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Steps to design a website for a small business in Dubai

Even though it’s always a better idea to get a designer to develop your website, you can do it yourself if you wish to do so. The process of developing a website for small businesses is the same in Dubai or anywhere else across the world. However, you must be vigilant, as there are some factors that might be different geographically. For instance some design trends might be very popular in Dubai, while they are not trending in the UK. Other than that, the procedure is pretty straightforward as explained below.

  • Fully understand your business needs and requirements

To have a detailed understanding of what your website needs to have, you must have a precise understanding of the type of your business, your audience’s needs and the service you must be providing for your customers.

  • Select your domain name and host

Domain name plays a critical role on your website to thrive. You must be careful to find a proper domain name that is short enough to be memorized by internet users and have a relevant keyword included. If you find it difficult to choose a domain name, use an online domain name generator to get the job done for you. Also, please be cautious to work with a host service provider who is reputable in providing quality services.

  • Choose the right platform

Next step is to choose a platform to build your website on. WordPress stands tall when it comes to easy to use, customizable and open source website building platforms. However, if you are after a more user-friendly and all-in-one solution though less customizable, Squarespace and Wix are good alternatives. Once chosen, install it and you are ready to go.

  • Install your theme or template of choice and required plugins

WordPress and other well-known website building platforms offer a wide range of free templates and themes for you to choose from. You must select the template you prefer for your website and add extra plugins and extensions as required. Even though most plugins are free, be careful to not overuse them, as too many plugins will negatively impact your website speed and performance.

  • Add your content and publish your website

Your website is now ready for loading your content and publishing to the public. However, don’t forget to consider your website security by adding an SSL certificate and also optimize it for SEO.

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Website building platforms have been evolving over time and they are now offering simple procedures to develop a website for small businesses. By taking a few steps, you can make your website up and running and start your online business. However, it is highly recommended to work with an experienced web design firm, as they are on top of the market and help you to stand out of the crowd by designing a unique website, specifically for your business. As such, if you have enough budget to work with a professional web design service provider, good luck then! Alternatively, you can develop your website on your own, by using website building platforms.

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