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Ethiopia: Renaissance Dam’s fourth filling is a gift to Ethiopians.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — On Monday, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry described the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam as a project that “guarantees the mutual benefit of the countries of the region and the riparian countries.”

A ministry spokesman, Ambassador Meles Alam, told the Ethiopian News Agency that the dam was “of great importance for regional integration”.

The dam was “a power plant built by the wealth, knowledge and labor of Ethiopians who fought resolutely to complete the project.”

He continued, “The fourth and final round of filling the Renaissance Dam has been successfully completed, a gift to Ethiopians in their new year (according to the local calendar)” and noted that “the fourth and final round of filling has been carried out.” 65 million citizens can access electricity based on Ethiopia’s sovereign policy.”

As he put it, his country was under “enormous pressure because of the dam, but it succeeded in overcoming the challenges by strictly adhering to policy and commitment.”

“Although the dam is built on Ethiopia’s internal capabilities and their sovereign lands, the benefit of the dam is beyond the nation,” he said.
The speaker highlighted one of the dam’s “advantages” by noting that “the energy integration work Ethiopia is implementing with neighboring countries will enhance economic integration.”

“The dam has benefits in protecting the countries located along the banks of the river from siltation and floods and ensuring a balanced water supply,” he said, adding, “The dam is a project that should be a source of cooperation. It guarantees mutual benefits to the downstream and corridor countries and the countries of the region.”

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It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Sunday, in which the announcement of the completion of the fourth water filling of the Renaissance Dam Reservoir in Ethiopia “is a violation of the Declaration of Principles signed between Egypt and Ethiopia. Sudan in 2015 and a violation of the law.”

He said in a statement on Facebook: “Ethiopia announced on Sunday the completion of the fourth filling of the Renaissance Dam reservoir, which is considered a continuation of the violation of the Declaration of Principles signed between Ethiopia. In 2015, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan determined that the three countries had agreed to fill and operate the Ethiopian dam before the start of the project.

He added: “Ethiopia taking such unilateral measures is a disregard for the interests and rights of downstream countries and their water security guaranteed by international law.”

He continued, “This attitude and the resulting negative consequences put a burden on the course of the resumed negotiations, which are set to take four months to conclude. The next round is believed to be held in Addis Ababa. Provisions for filling and operating the dam…

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