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How to download Minecraft Dungeons 2022 version for Android and iPhone


Minecraft Dungeons is the latest version of the popular Minecraft video game released in 2020. This version contains more adventures in the new world for Minecraft players. The original Minecraft game world is located above the ground in forests, woods, caves, plains and other such places, while the underground world of Minecraft Dungeons is located in several dungeon prisons. In the following lines, we will review the most important features of this new world of Minecraft Dungeons and all the adventures for this version of the game at their price.

About the world of Minecraft dungeons:

Download Mincraft Cellar for mobile for free

Although the world of Minecraft Dungeons is completely different, 3D is the unique theme of the game that is the polygonal sandbox world. However, the new game includes the following:

  • Many magical spells, tactical escape techniques and tactics will help the player to move smoothly and achieve tasks.
  • Endless world of dungeons and caves hidden underground in an interconnected network
  • Other planets have dimensions that can enter and exit at different times, such as at different times or at the ends of the earth.
  • The greater the number of obstacles, monsters and dangers, the more excitement and suspense will try to stop the player.
  • Rough ruins and broken structures increase the difficulty of the game
  • The existence of dungeons that challenge the player to penetrate their secrets
  • The world of rogue dungeons competing for video game experts
  • Online multiplayer for single player or 4 players

All versions and adventures of Minecraft Dungeons at their prices:

Download Minecraft Dungeon game for mobile
Download Minecraft Dungeon game for mobile

The game is available in hard disk format for video game devices such as the PlayStation, which can be purchased from game stores or through online shopping sites, and the price of the disk is around 110 SAR.

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Two versions of Minecraft Dungeons have been released for PC and Windows:

  • The original version cost about 60 Saudi riyals or $ 16
  • The Ultimate version is a bit more expensive; It costs 132 riyals, or approximately $ 35.

You can buy extra adventures and play as an addon for extra missions and adventures. The number of additional adventures for Minecraft Dungeon 6 adventures and their price starts from 13 riyals, and they are:

  • Cloudy climbing adventure at 13 SAR
  • The echo of the adventure does not apply to 19 Saudi riyals
  • And the blazing adventure at the price of 19 Saudi Riyals
  • Creepy Winter Adventure for 19 SAR
  • And an adventurous scream peaked at 19 SAR
  • 19 Deep Hidden Adventure for SAR.

How To Download Minecraft Dings For Android And iPhone

  • Log in to your phone’s App Store.
  • Then enter the name of the game Minecraft dungeons in the search box above.
  • Next, pay for the game and click the Install icon.
  • After downloading the game, create your profile and start the game.
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