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How to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 11


The mouse pointer will continue to appear in Windows 11, which can cause inconvenience to some users, especially those who work writing on computers, and, as you have reported, will hide a portion of the information available to you on the screen. aitnews.

As a result, many people prefer to hide the mouse pointer when typing in Windows 11 or leave the mouse on the bottom edge of the screen..

However, disabling the cursor may interfere with the workflow for some users, so this is not a viable solution to this problem..

Hide the mouse pointer in Windows 11

There are usually two ways to hide the mouse pointer in Windows 11, and these methods work well for Windows 10 as well..

With the first method, you can hide the mouse pointer when writing in office applications or writing applications such as Windows Notepad. But it does not work with other browsers and applications, i.e. by enabling a feature on the Windows system.

The second method helps to hide the mouse pointer while typing in all applications such as browsers and social media applications. This method works by downloading the open source application.

Hide the mouse pointer through Windows 11

You can use this feature by following these steps:

Navigate to Windows 11 Settings via the Start menu or press both buttons ctrl + i

Select Settings for Bluetooth devices and other devices via the menu on the left.

Then select the mouse settings from the menu on the right

When the Settings screen appears, select Additional Settings from the drop-down menu.

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Then go to the Indicator Settings tab from the top menu.

You can find the option to hide the mouse pointer in the mouse settings tab.

The mouse pointer will automatically disappear after activating this feature, but when you try to move the mouse, the pointer will reappear..

Hide the mouse pointer by external application

This method is better and easier than the first method because it works faster by activating the application or by pressing buttons to activate it..

You can download this app by clicking on the following link and you do not need to install the app as it works directly.

You do not need to activate the app or activate any feature inside it, as it starts working directly when you open it..

You can close the app by clicking the app icon next to the clock, then close it or stop it if you want to stop running.

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