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How to protect the elderly from the corona strain when winter sets in? A consultant explains


By Fatima Khalil

Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 06:00 PM

Dr. Wala Wissam, professor of geriatrics at Ain Shams University and director of the Geriatric Hospital, said that with the onset of winter, respiratory diseases, including new types of corona, are on the rise. Due to their weakened immune system and chronic diseases that increase its severity.

In a statement to “The Seventh Day”, the signs… Corona It is similar to a cold, so these symptoms should not be ignored and the elderly should undergo tests and examinations, especially with the appearance of new variants of the coronavirus.

Common symptoms of the coronavirus include: sore throat, tiredness and fatigue, headache, runny nose and sneezing, he said.

He confirmed that elderly people often suffer from different symptoms when they are affected by the diseases. When infected with Corona, they develop different symptoms like dizziness, general weakness and lack of attention, so, when there are any changes, the elderly must be present. Immediately examined by a doctor.

In order to protect the elderly from new corona variants this winter, Dr Wala Wissam advised them to take precautions when leaving home, washing hands with soap and water, social distancing and staying away from those showing symptoms of the disease. Cool, and ventilate the place.

He emphasized the need for elderly people to follow a healthy diet by consuming healthy, balanced foods such as vegetables, fruits and foods rich in vitamin C and zinc to strengthen the immune system.

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