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Son of the late Mahmoud Al-Khalawi: He was a good personality and a “homebody” and a joker, how happy it was for him.


By Ahmed Abdel Rahman

Sunday, November 12, 2023 06:01 PM

Amr Al-Khalawi, the son of the late artist Mahmoud Al-Khalawi, revealed secrets and stories about his father on his birthday, explaining that his father was a good, family and very “homely” person because he was primarily a family member. .

During a phone call to “Ambassador Aziza” program via “DMC” channel, she indicated that her father was in their lives and he only went to work, pointing out that all the “comedians” were nervous.

The son of the late artist Mahmoud Al-Khalawi mentioned that their neighbor was the artist Abdel Monim Madbouli, adding that his friends in the art community were artist Hassan Mustafa, Ahmad Badir and Salah Abdullah.

He pointed out that the Joker play “was his joy” and was the beginning of the audience getting to know him as a star, explaining that fans memorized his eulogies in the Joker play because the theater was his home. Having a shrinking role in the theater in Egypt, he decided to retire early.

He continued: “I grew up in theater all my life, I was proud to call him Abu Amr, so I was inspired. I studied theater at university, business administration and another special degree in theater, so I studied. America. I wanted to work in the arts.. You He told me to study what he was studying, and then decided not to, so I worked in advertising,” she says, explaining that her father was a lawyer before working in the arts.

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