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How to share your screen on Skype


Skype is as feature-packed as any video chat app and is a great tool for working and communicating with friends and family. Whether you want to give a presentation, share a photo or video, or ask for help from within the app, sharing your screen is quick and easy. Here’s how to share your screen on Skype.

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Quick answer

Tap to share your screen on Skype Share the screen button in the lower right corner if you’re using the desktop app. On mobile, tap the three horizontal dots icon in the lower right and select Share the screen.

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How to Share Screen in Skype Desktop App

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You can share your screen in the desktop app after starting a call. Click on Share the screen Between the chat and reply buttons in the lower right corner.

You can share everything on the screen or in specific tabs and apps. There’s also an option to add computer audio if you’re sharing an audio or video file.

Skype Desktop Screen Sharing Options 1

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The steps are the same on Mac, but you need to allow screen sharing. You will see a Skype notification that will take you to your desired settings page System Preferences. If not, move on Mac Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording And provide Skype access.

How to Share Screen in Mobile App

You will be asked to allow Skype to record your screen. Confirm your acceptance and start sharing your mobile screen. Tap Stop sharing Above screen sharing.

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Questions and answers

Yes, you can share your screen in the Skype web app as long as you use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

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