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Introducing “Project Hazel” at the CES Trade Fair Earlier this year, The wearable air purifier and mask for the shower is an original product called Zephyr, which is now sold for ep99. The idea here is to constantly provide fresh air inside and outside the standard N95 to prevent the spread of viruses. Look with RGB lights. Razor sent me one of the few units dedicated to the British press prior to its full release as part of Razorcon 2021, so I ‘ve been testing for the past few days to see if it really retains the buzz.

As for the sapphire, the design here resembles a double filter semi-mask or operates in noxious environments, with fans on each cheek drawing air through circular filters before being expelled through another filtered grill at the base of the mask. Medical grade silicone creates a seal around your nose and mouth, while a pair of pads (one adjustable, not one) are going to exhale on the back of your head.

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Other design elements are very innovative, knowing your words and expressions including transparent and glowing mouth cover; A small bottle of mist spray is added if ventilation alone is not sufficient. There are RGB lights around each round. Power, Bluetooth connectivity and fan speed can be controlled with a button on the right air intake side, while the Zephyr smartphone app lets you choose lighting colors and effects for each of the two lighting zones. The lights can also be turned off completely.

In fact, Zephyr is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The Half Mask is a lightweight gaming headset that weighs about 237 grams, and the straps hold the sapphire well against your face. I’m not going to run or start hitting my head around this, but it’s definitely good for walking and other gentle movements.

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Wearing a mask at home is different, but wearing it in a public place is different. While wearing a mask can be a divisive issue these are not all positive and you can definitely expect more attention when wearing one of these. I personally enjoyed this – I do I want to talk about interesting parts of technology – But since I do not want to engage in a conversation, I can definitely expect a situation where I wear a standard cloth mask instead.

The noise made by the small diameter fans surprised me. At their low speed setting (4200 rpm) they make a nice noise that is easy to immerse in ambient noise, but at their high speed setting (6200 rpm) you can definitely hear someone sitting next to you – so plug in a headphone and social space and noise cancellation is probably the best practice.

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In practice, Sephir has some drawbacks. The application strongly advises not to use the added N95 filters for more than twenty four hours before switching to the new package (similar to Metro, but slightly warmer). In the box you will find three sets of filters, which translate into nine days of use, assuming you run the mask for eight hours a day. If you only use it for an hour trip in the morning and use it again in the evening, it will go away 36 days before you buy additional filters. Third-party filters can be viewed, but the specific patterns needed – especially the smiley mouth filter – need to be developed for Sapphire.

With Phil 100 Sapphire you get no filters, but three group filters with 150 “starter groups”. Filters can also be purchased separately, at 30 for 10 sets. This means you can use Zephyr 8 hours a day for 30 days for 30 days – which is not cheap, but at the same time it is not unreasonable compared to the cost of buying disposable masks.

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You need to keep the mask capable of rotating its fans, especially if you use an overhead glowing fan system with two RGB zones – the battery life of the mask is estimated at just 3.5 hours when using the shaver at maximum settings. Disabling RGB (not much visible in moderate sunlight anyway) increases this to four hours, while using low fan speed mode without RGB gives you a more reasonable eight hours. (These numbers are provided by Razor; I do not yet have time to run proper battery life tests, but I will update this section when I do.) There may already be a suitable charger.

Interestingly, the comments on the use of white sapphire are mentioned in the section.

The original project did not have Hazel’s virtual speaker. According to Razor, this made the mask too heavy, shortening the breath and reducing battery life, all of which are perfect reasons to remove it. This means you must deliver when your fan records are worn. Another great feature is that the UV cleaning charging case is also dropped – instead you get a soft cloth case, which does not provide much protection, but indirectly costs much less. These are disgusting flaws, but again, the flaws in adding features to the ‘concept’ and ‘production’ levels are very different – and I want a device that works with fewer features than is true to the initial dream is impractical (no Homer’s famous car)

After spending a few days with Jeffrey, I loved him so much. Comfortable to wear, it is an excellent conversation opener for unqualified visitors and plays a key role in reducing the spread of viruses such as covid or influenza. (I have no way of testing the razor’s performance requirements in terms of filtration, so I leave it to the most appropriate outfits to do this important job!) The RGB lights are beautiful, and verbally very reasonable. Jeffrey is far from the only mask that uses this idea. Filters and charging are an annoying but not important right now – so I keep Jeffrey in my bag when I travel on public transportation. (Note, I still have a fabric mask – especially since the sapphire is not waterproof and should not be worn in the rain. Assuming you use it, it is a good idea to change some filters every time the planet replaces a full mask for months and months.)

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When Zephyr runs at its most convenient times, that’s not its real goal – most importantly, it is a halo product that illuminates RGB, one of the world’s largest gaming brands, triggers conversations and eventually translates into sales. Laptops and razor devices. At this level, he will definitely win. In some of the razor projects she has presented as a CES prototype she talks about the ads that have already been exposed, and then turned into a real retail product – and parts of razor design tools, working on remote production, the company categorizes traditional offerings such as keyboards, mice, headphones and computers.

The theme for exploring new product types was taken by Razor this year, Razorcon 2021 today announces its first computer components – AIOs, chassis fans, fan and power controllers. Surprisingly, most of them are decorated with RGB and their purpose is to provide the best performance. We will test some of these and look forward to sharing our results in the coming weeks and months.

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