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How to stay young in 4 steps? | Health


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Yale University scientist and anti-aging expert Dr. Morgan Levine reveals 4 ways you can turn the clock and improve your health.

In his article in the Telegraph,TelegraphBritish author Sharon Walker says aging is inevitable, but advances in aging science offer new ways to turn the clock.

Good health according to age

“Illness is not just a consequence of time,” says Dr. Morgan Levine, an associate professor of pathology and head of the aging department of living organizations at Yale University, in his new book, Real Life. He adds, “Aging is not the cause of this, but the biological changes that take place in our body, and if they can be prevented, slowed down or modified, we can live longer and in better health. I did not say live 150 years, but it is good to stay healthy as we age.”

Research shows that only 10% to 30% of our life is determined by genes and the rest depends on our daily preferences. Unfortunately, most of us are reluctant to change our habits, but what if we can see exactly how our choices affect the aging process and whether the changes we make in our lifestyle help to slow it down?

Biological age

This will soon make it easier for Levin to develop a new experiment in his laboratory at Yale University that will analyze the “epigenetic code” to study your biological age by analyzing saliva samples.

The author explains that epigenetic code is a set of instructions embedded within DNA that modify how DNA works, while Levine refers to it as the “cell operating system”.

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Lifespan of health

Levine is concerned with improving the “healthy lifespan” of the number of years we can expect to live without disease. “Research on aging or research on longevity is often misunderstood by the notion that we want to live hundreds of years,” he says.

Levin’s biological age is 34, knowing she’s actually 37, and she has followed a vegetarian diet for 20 years, including avoiding eating fish and meat altogether, focusing on exercising to maintain fitness, and fasting 3 times a year. . You may notice the results of his healthy lifestyle in the years to come.

Many procedures can lead to premature aging;  Because it increases the level of fatigue, which accelerates aging and then changes our appearance and health, so some experts offer many tips for practices that prevent us from premature aging.

4 Ways to Slow Aging

Switching to a vegetarian diet

A study of 3,000 people at the University of Sydney by Dr. Levine and Dr. Walter Lango found that high protein foods (20% of calories from protein) were associated with a 74% higher risk of premature death than those who did not. Minimum protein (less than 10%).

However, people over the age of 65 should be careful not to overdose on protein.

“Protein is not a problem for young people or middle-aged people because their bodies still produce enough growth hormone naturally,” says Levine. They lose a lot of muscle. “

Many procedures can lead to premature aging;  Because it increases the level of fatigue, which accelerates aging and then changes our appearance and health, so some experts offer many tips for practices that prevent us from premature aging.

Must fast 3 times a year

Dr. In Levine’s study with Lango, 3 cycles of fasting and eating just 4,500 calories in 5 days (eating a total of 4,500 calories in 5 days) shortened the life expectancy by about 2.5 years, and those who were faster showed “higher immune traits.” Youth “after several cycles of fasting.” Like exercise, it prepares the body to repair and maintain its cells, ”says Levine.

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When scientists looked at the long-term effect of fasting foods, they helped increase life expectancy by 5 years, as well as reduce the risk of heart disease by 50 percent and reduce the risk of cancer by up to 30. Percent, and 75 percent for diabetes.

Interval training with high intensity

Levine says more intense interval training is best to increase longevity. A 2017 study published at the Mayo Clinic showed that 3 months of more intense interval exercise was sufficient to significantly improve exercise and insulin sensitivity.

“These exercises help build back muscle fibers that are thicker and denser,” Levine explains.

Sleep and relax

Researchers at Boston and Harvard University have shown that MRI scans of cerebrospinal fluid wash brain tissue at night to remove dead cells. Scientists believe it may have implications for Alzheimer’s disease, which is associated with the formation of ‘beta-amyloid plaques’.

Research shows that getting an average of 7 hours of sleep is the best way to prolong your life.

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