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كيفية استخدام تطبيق FaceTime في هاتف أندرويد

How To Use Facetime App On Android Phone

Android phone users will find a lot Applications They can choose to connect with family and friends whether they have video calling, built-in or third-party applications.

But when you have to interact with people who use Apple devices, there is a difficulty. This is because most Apple device users often prefer to use the FaceTime app. It is already installed on their device.

In order to alleviate the problem, Apple has released a new update that allows users of both systems to easily communicate through the FaceTime application.

Use an app Face time On Android phones

Apple released this update with the operating system version iOS 15 It allows Windows and Android users to join the call through a web browser. But with limitations, the Apple device user must start the video call and send you the joining link.

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After receiving the connecting link, you must follow the steps below to participate in the call:

  • Click the URL sent to you to join the call.
  • The connection is opened by a web browser on your phone or computer.
  • On the main screen, type your name or nickname and then click the Continue option.
  • Provide the necessary access permissions to use a microphone, camera, or both.
  • Click Add and wait until the caller is allowed to enter the call.
  • Once approved, you can join the video or audio call.
  • When finished, press Leave to end the call.

During a call, you have access to screen controls that include turning off the phone or computer microphone, turning the camera on and off, or using fullscreen mode.

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In addition to the ability to switch from rear camera to front camera. Enable the grid system to see all participants at once.

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