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How to use iOS 16 Beta on your iPhone?


Apple announced the new operating system iOS 16 at the annual WWDC 2022 Developer Conference, which sparked excitement among fans of the US technology company’s use of operating systems.

You can immediately download the new system update to your iPhone, which is a developer beta version but is only available to members of the Apple Developer Program.

The new iOS 16 brought together a number of features that Apple revealed during the conference, including; Redesigned lock screen for iPhone, the ability to cancel or edit text messages and improved Apple Maps.

Although the system update update will not be released to customers until September, we will guide you on how to get iOS 16 now rather than the general beta.

iOS 16 is easy to download and install, it’s not a beta version for general use, and like all developer betas, iOS 16 may have incomplete features.

Companies release developer betas to keep their applications up-to-date, provide initial access to built-in new features, and use professional experience for developer recommendations and beta versions of operating systems.

Many experts advise against downloading the new system update on your main device, and use another backup device instead, or download the system to your device after first backing up your old system files.

The newly developed system from Apple supports iPhone 8 or later devices and is not available for devices lower than iPhone 8.

Before downloading iOS 16

Since iOS 16 is an early beta release, it may be plagued by software bugs and other issues.

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The iOS 16 beta preview makes it difficult to use the phone slowly or for phone calls and text messages.

However, if you have your phone or tablet to download the latest update, be sure to back up your device to iOS 15 before updating to iOS 16.

This way, if there are several issues with the new operating system, you have the option to go back to iOS 15.

The operating system update will not be used on the iPhone SE (2016), iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

How are you trying iOS 16?

The first step in getting iOS 16 on your iPhone or iPad is to sign up for the Apple Developer Program if you are not already a member.

If you use an iPhone or iPad, here’s how to register:

1. Download the Apple Developer app from the App Store.

2. Launch the app, go to Account and click Register Now.

3. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials.

4. Read the various benefits and instructions, enter your personal information and clear your identity to verify your identity.

5. Once you have provided this information, select your own company (individual for most people) and accept the software license agreement.

6. Pay the Apple Developer membership fee (with Apple Pay), which is $ 99 per year.

After you have successfully paid, you will be redirected to your account page in the Apple Developer app.

You can verify that you are registered, check your membership expiration date next year and start your iOS 16 experience with a remote update on your iPhone or iPad.

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The easiest way to download:

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Apple Developer Program Downloads page and click Install Profile for iOS 16 Beta (iPhone) or iPadOS 16 Beta (iPad) and tap Allow.

2. Open Settings and click on Profile Download and tap Install on the top right when it appears. If prompted, enter your passcode and double-click Install. You will need to restart your phone.

3. Once your phone has been backed up, plug it into Power, make sure it is connected to WiFi, go to the general settings for software update, and if the update is not available immediately, wait a few minutes. Check again.

4. Finally, tap Download and Install and enter the passcode to update your device.

After restarting your phone, you need to access the latest iOS 16 developer beta.

Download iOS 16 from your Mac

Remote updates require a certain amount of storage, and if that is not available, using the system is the only way to manually upgrade to iOS 16 without freeing up space.

1. Go to the Apple Developer Program Downloads page, search for iOS 16 Beta or iPadOS 16 Beta and click Download Reset Images.

2. Download the iOS beta recovery image for the device of your choice.

3. Connect your device to your computer and enter your device passcode or tap Trust this system.

4. Open Finder and click on your device in the Sidebar under Sites.

5. You will see the latest applications running on your device.

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6. Hold down the Option key, tap on Check for Update, and select the iOS 16 Beta Software Recovery image you downloaded from the Apple Developer page.

After restarting your mobile, the iOS 16 beta software will be installed on your device.

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