March 20, 2023

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"Give us to the Tromay", the story of a song sung by Najah El Mougy, by Ismail Yassin.

“Give us to the Tromay”, the story of a song sung by Najah El Mougy, by Ismail Yassin.

Birthday of the late artist Wave hitToday, Saturday, June 11, he is associated with a smile on the face of his fans and admirers, and when his name is mentioned we always remember his famous jokes, whether he was in many works or in cinema, the play or drama he loved, his spontaneity and his withdrawal from speech distinguished him. , His personality was always characterized by simplicity, which made him sit in the hearts of the audience.

The artist achieved an unexpected fame due to the song “Salemna on the Drome” presented at the events of the movie “Days of Rage”, and this was due to his fame. The world that sings after the audience utters his words all the time, and the success of the wave revealed the details of the song in a TV interview: “The madmen thought to make this into a song like the songs of Ward Ismail Yassin. Did not respond to a request for comment, Hanshow said.

Al-Mauji continued, “I was surprised at my new encounter with him. He agreed with a number of poets on a song tailored to the events of the film. He relied on its music composition in terms of melody, in a way it needed to be something that conveyed a purposeful object that was in tune with the events and did not negatively affect the audience..

Artist Naja al-Mauji began his artistic career with the Adwa al-Adwa al-Theater troupe in the late sixties, with the late best director “Mohammed Salem” and artist “George Sidom” giving him a lead role. Play the “Heart Labor Hotel”

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Naja al-Mauji has presented nearly 150 works in his art career, the most recent of which is “A Treasure in Our Home.” He has presented many works in cinema, drama and television, which have been acclaimed by the masses. Important among them are A Date with Destiny, Kid Gate, The Sea Laughs at Him, The Harp, Love Above the Pyramid Plateau, 4 Official Mission, Married, Oh, You, Rooster Dance, Family, Search Victim, Residents and Other Businesses Welcome.